Civilization(s) LightLight.png WaterWater.png
DarknessDarkness.png NatureNature.png
Affiliation Fua Duelist
Voice Actor 川島得愛
Tokuyoshi Kawashima
Nationality France

Rich was first introduced in the Duel Masters Cross season of the Duel Masters Anime.

He is a member of the Fua Duelists. He is marked as (R) and ranked as 9th in the organization.


Duel Masters Cross

Shizuka is his girlfriend. He was ordered to stop Shobu and co. He faced Mimi and defeated her but at the same time Shizuka lost against Shobu. He took Shizuka back to the base instead of completing his mission. He then returned with Zakira and other Fua Duelists to stop Shobu and co. and he once again faced Mimi and defeated her.

Later after Shobu and co. who were defeated by Zakira returned he was once again ordered to stop them and so dueled against Ryoga and

Then after Shizuka recovered from her loss against Shobu, both of them faced Shobu and Mimi for the one last time because this time Zakira gave Shizuka a chance but at a cost which Rich was against it but Shizuka accepted it. It was memories of their love after her memories were altered he personality completely changed and she no longer remembered him as her lover but only a partner. He had a Kaijudo duel against Mimi in which he cornered Mimi once again but this time Mimi believed in her deck and not her strategy she told Rich that she knows how he feels about his loved one but then she defeated him. Shizuka on the other hand also lost to Shobu. Both of them lost while holding each other's hand even after everything Zakira done. Zakira upon seeing this got very furious as well.

Duel Masters Cross Shock

He later returned to the finals of World Championship Tournament with Shizuka and dueled Shobu. He lost against Shobu but he was very happy and overjoyed when he saw Shizuka defeating Oasis. In the end he saw Shizuka lost to Xanadu but she was not hurt so Rich was happy and they both gave their regards and good luck to Shobu and co.


He has long blonde hair, has a Gothic life style, rides a bike and is a show off while dueling.


Duel Masters Cross

Rich uses a Light, Water, Darkness and Nature civilization deck, based on Knights and the God Link of Leopold and Ludvica.

Duel Masters Cross Shock

He continued to use his signature God creatures, but added the Hyperspatial psychic creature of Japan / Japanica to his deck.


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