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Japanflag.png 革命軍かくめいぐん
Phonetic: Kakumei-gun
Released In: DMR-17 Burning Dogiragon!!
Civilization(s): Light Light.png
Darkness Darkness.png
Fire Fire.png
Nature Nature.png
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Revolutionary is a race of creature shared between the five monocolored civilizations.


They tend to follow the nomenclature of the non-Revolutionary race; however, they tend to feature かくめい (Kakumei) meaning Revolution in their name.


Instead of the usual civilization symbol, Revolutionaries have a fist with a watermark of a star overlaid with a fist behind the effect box in their card frame. This symbol is colored by its corresponding civilization. Revolutionaries that have a Team race (consisting of 2 Allied Civilizations.) have a symbol of both of those civilization's colors.

They are much higher costed and more difficult to send out than Invaders, and their abilities are also more difficult to trigger than Invaders, but when their ability's requirements meet, they can use abilities that are much stronger than abilities found on invaders.

However, a revolution can be described as "An uprising of the people". As the kings of the civilizations lead this race, this is hardly a revolution in this sense of word.


They are a resistance force defending the Rando nation against the Invaders. Their leaders are Dogiragon, Flaming Revolution, Miracle Star, Lord of Dragon Spirits and Killer the Kill, Demon Dragon King.

The Major revolutionaries are of the Light, Darkness and Fire civilizations.

The Revolutionaries with Revolution 0 are the strongest of all revolutionaries and there is only 1 of them in one timeline (Past, Present and Future). The Revolutionary 0 of the past is Death the Lost, Demon Revolution, the one of the present is Dogiragon, Flaming Revolution and the one of the future is Miradante, Time Revolution, and all 3 of them had gathered into the present to defend against the highly powerful Invaders. However, all of them were wiped out by an out of control Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden.

In the Revolution Final block, the Revolutionaries researched the power of the Invaders and developed their own version of Invasion, Revolution Change. They also formed teams between themselves which were Team Hamukatsu, Team Doremi, Team Damama, Team Tech and Team Acme and now stand against a new threat which is a byproduct of the invasion, Dokindam X and his Initials. The strongest revolutionaries also had Final Revolution which is a very powerful ability that activates upon Revolution change only.


They are the only creatures with the Revolution ability word.

In the Revolution block, they are generally defensive and depended on the number of shields their owner had in exchange for a very powerful effect that reverses the scene in a pinch and are paired with the following races.

Civilization: Allied Race:
Light Light.png Angel Command Dragon
Justice Orb
WaterWater.png Crystal Command Dragon
Cyber Virus Kai
Darkness Darkness.png Demon Command Dragon
Dark Knightmare
Fire Fire.png Mega Command Dragon
Fire Bird En
Nature Nature.png Jurassic Command Dragon
Snow Faerie Kaze

In the Revolution Final block, they had a more offensive stance and uses Revolution Change tactics to rush the opponent just like the Invaders and are paired with the following races;

Civilization: Allied Race:
Light.pngWater.png Team Doremi
Angel Command Dragon
Angel Dragon
Justice Orb
Angel Command
Water.pngDarkness.png Team Tech
Crystal Command Dragon
Crystal Dragon
Cyber Virus Kai
Darkness.pngFire.png Team Acme
Demon Command Dragon
Demon Dragon
Funky Knightmare
Fire.pngNature.png Team Hamukatsu
Mega Command Dragon
Mega Dragon
Fire Bird En
Light.pngNature.png Team Damama
Jurassic Command Dragon
Jurassic Dragon
Beast Folk Go

Race Category

Other Revolutionary races include;



Cards that support Revolutionaries

Support Card: Card Effect:
Assault, Revolution Dragon ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, search your deck. You may take a fire Revolutionary evolution creature from your deck, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
Hamsterland, Unexplored Underground ■ Whenever you put a Revolutionary, put the top card of your deck into your mana zone.

■ Each of your Revolutionary gets "power attacker +3000" and "mach fighter".

Love Dracchi ■ Your Revolutionary evolution creatures may cost 1 less to summon for each of your Fire Birds in the battle zone. They can't cost 0 or less.

Evolution Creatures

Creatures that evolve from Revolutionaries

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Gyogyoras, Traitorous Revolutionkind Evolution—Put on one of your Commands.
InvasionRevolutionary that costs 6 or more




  • They are the first races written in full kanji along with Invader.