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  • Its name could be derived from "Reso", which is Spanish for "Prayer" and "Opacos" which is Spanish for "Opaque".
This card has "Isomorphic Resales", cards that are near-functional reprints, but with a different race.
  • These cards are Light Civilization creatures that have a mana cost of 3, 3000 power as well as no abilities.
Name: Race:
March 2016 Calendar
Rahars, Spirit Knight Arc Seraphim
Iere, Vizier of Bullets Initiate
Reso Pacos, Clear Sky Guardian Guardian
Vuanie, Guarding Wings Justice Wing
Lightning Grass Starlight Tree
Nicolaus, the Spydroid Soltrooper
Dorura, Model Dragon Enforcer Berserker
Reso Pacos, Clear Sky Guardian