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耐性たいせい (Taisei)
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Resistance refers to abilities on cards that protect themselves from removal.


In card games such as Duel Masters, avoiding an opponent's removal is often known as "resistance".

There are various kinds of protection from removal.

List of Resistance abilities

Ability name: Overview: Comments:
Unattackable Your opponent's creatures can't attack your creature. Mainly in the Fire and Water civilization.
Escape / True Escape Instead of being destroyed, you may lose a shield. (You can't use shield trigger). Many in light civilization. It can be useful to pair with the Revolution or Oshiokimoon abilities.
Stays in the battle zone instead of leaving. Ignores most removal, except seals. the strongest form of removal.
Can't be destroyed If they would go to the graveyard even by battle, they stay in the battle zone instead. They can still be put into your mana or hand, or sealed.
Can't put seals. No seals can be put on this card. Still affected by all other remove.
Unchoosable Prevents your opponent from choosing the card Ignores any Fixed Removal such as Terror Pit. Doesn't work against Mass Removal
Win All Battles Doesn't compare power while battling. It can be used offensively, but is usually passively used.
Unblockable Your opponent's creatures that have "blocker" can't block your creatures. Although it is an offensive ability, it as considered to be resistance. Mainly in the water civilization.
Attack Target cant change. Even Guardman or Attack Bend can't change the target of your attack.
Avoids Battle Avoids destruction by battles. Includes Chekicul, Vizier of Endurance.
God Link Even if a God is removed, the rest of the God Link remains. You also get to choose which God stays.
"When destroyed, put XX into the battle zone" Zero loss of Field Advantage. Includes cards such as Mukade, Asura and Doron Go abilities. Misfire if missing the required cards.