除去 (Jokyo)
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Removal refers to cards that can put creatures (or other cards) in the battle zone into other zones (such as the graveyard, hand, or shields.)


In a narrow sense, it usually refers to putting creatures into the graveyard, but each civilization has varying ways of removing cards from the battle zone.

It also pairs well with Card Discard.

The main classification for removal includes;

  • Can choose and remove a high threat creature or cross gear.
  • Can remove multiple creatures at once.

Each civilization has different ways of removing cards;

Civilization: Removal:
LightLight.png Shield Feed
Tap and Destroy
WaterWater.png Bounce
Deck Feed
DarknessDarkness.png Decrease Power
Fixed Removal
FireFire.png Can Attack Untapped Creatures
Force Battle
Power Based Removal
NatureNature.png Mana Feed

However, certain exceptions such as Apocalypse Day exist.

Destruction caused by battles can also be seen as removal.

Importance of Removal

  • There are a lot of powerful and versatile Removal cards that are extremely powerful and can remove just about any creature. Therefore, a Quasi-Vanilla creature with high power and a "Breaker" ability as it's only ability is not a threat as it would be easily removed after a turn of doing nothing due to summoning sickness. To prove themselves effectively in a competitive metagame, a creature must have some game changing effect.
  • Some smaller and lower-costing creatures such as Magnum, Allshot Puppet, Petrova, Channeler of Suns and Hibiki, Explosive Mirror pose enough threat to make one lose the game and they will not attack often in order to prevent themselves from getting destroyed by another attack or a block. Therefore, Power-Based Removal, Cost-Based Removal, Decreasing power and the ability to Attack Untapped Creatures becomes very important against these creatures without wasting major forms of removal.
  • Some creatures such as Skull Moon, the Enlightened and Terradragon Diruga Vejida can be difficult to destroy normally due to their destruction substitution effects. Therefore, indirect removal such as Bounce and Shield Feed becomes extremely important against these creatures.

Removal Categories

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