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Rekuta Kadoko
角古かどこ れく太
Family Maruo Kadoko (Father)
Voice Actors Debi Derryberry Wikipedia (Season 1)
Sterling R. (Season 2)
Brianne Siddall Wikipedia (Season 3)
Yuka Imai Wikipedia
(Season 1 - Cross Shock)
加藤 英美里
Emiri Katō Wikipedia (2017 - present)

Rekuta Kadoko is the best friend of Shobu and is his loyal sidekick.


A short boy wearing a pair of glasses and a red and white-polka dotted bowtie. He has an unusually huge amount of card resources, but is extremely terrible in dueling that he can use Zakira's deck against Shobu and lose miserably. He is also known for being defeated 100 times a day.


Season 1[]

His hobby in card collecting and knowledge of cards often helps Shobu towards winning a duel. Although he is an expert at the rules of "Duel Masters," Rekuta is a terrible duelist, often going without a single win during a tournament. While he owns almost every card ever released (since his father owns a card shop), he cannot correctly use the cards.

He's often seen with his portable laptop to keep track of important duels. As a running joke, he is often accidentally sent flying into the air. In one instance (which only occurred in the English dub of season 1), he was sent flying into space (against a live-action backdrop) crashing into a space station.

Duel Masters Versus[]

He was seen with Katta observing the statue of Shobu in the park. As the Victory season sequels Star Cross, his appearance did not change. He was also shown in Shobu's flashback in episode 46.

Duel Masters: Star Cross[]

Rekuta is brainwashed by a brain parasite that Xanadu attached to him. Although Shobu summoned his ace, the duel was left without conclusion as Xanadu exploded the brain parasite and killed him. He is revived at the end of the story, being 16 years old after a few years, although his appearance has not changed.


Duel Masters: Shadow of the Code[]

Duel Masters: Star Cross[]

His deck is a Light, Darkness, Fire and Nature deck that was criticized by Xanadu as a "Junk Deck where all the cards are separate with each other."

However, he still continued to duel as Xanadu helped him read the minds of Shobu via the brain parasite it attached to him.


Video Game Appearances[]


  • His correct surname is "Kadoko" (角古), NOT "Kadoka" (かどか), which is actually a Japanese female given name. When spoken in Japanese (i.e., putting the last name before the given name), his name is actually a pun on Kādo Korekutā (カードコレクター), which is a Japanese katakana transliteration of the English phrase "card collector".
  • Since his appearance in the 15th anniversary episode onwards, Rekuta's voice actress is replaced by Emiri Katou because his original voice actress, Yuka Imai, was undergoing a hiatus in 2017.
    • Yuka Imai has now retired from voice acting since August 31, 2018.
  • His birthday is on February 14[1], the date for Valentine's Day.


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