Rei Kukami
九守 レイ
Civilization(s) LightLight
Voice Actor 渡辺 明乃
Akeno Watanabe

Rei Kukami was first introduced in the Duel Masters Flash season of the Duel Masters Anime.


Rei is the holder of the mysterious pendant ARC.

She studies in the ninth grade. She duels with a first-class performance and also helps teach the other duelists such as Teru at her grandfather's dojo.

She has defeated Teru in the online mode for the "Monster Battle Duel" by using Supernova Venus la Saint Mother.

Her most important duel was against Swan who also uses a water civilization deck.


She used to have a Light Civilization deck with Supernova Venus la Saint Mother as her strongest card. Later after she lost while training Cocoro Yumemi she gave it to her.

Rei uses a Water Civilization deck with her strongest card being Supernova Neptune Shutrom.

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