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リクルート (Rikurūto)
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Recruit is a slang term given to the ability of putting creatures from your deck into the battle zone.


It is a term originally from Magic: The Gathering.

It refers to popular cards such as Kachua, Keeper of the Icegate, Miraculous Rebirth or Bolshack NEX.

6 Bolshack NEX
Fire Fire.png / Creature
Armored Dragon

■ Double breaker

■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, search your deck. You may take a card that has Lupia in its name from your deck and put it into the battle zone. Then shuffle your deck.

■ This creature has "power attacker +1000" for each Fire Bird in your graveyard.

While creatures are put into the battle zone without tapping mana, they do explicitly use the term "For No Cost".

A card such as Magmadragon Balga Geyser that looks at only the top card of the deck before seeing if a creature can be played is not considered to be a Recruit card as it doesn't search the entire deck. However, Dragonfriend Kachua can be seen as a quasi-recruit card as it searches the top 7 cards of your deck.

List of cards with a "Recruit" ability

Card: Creature they Recruit:
Kachua, Keeper of the Icegate Dragon
Miraculous Rebirth A creature that has the same cost as your opponents destroyed creature
Bolshack NEX Lupia
GENJI Blaster 2 non-evolution Aini that have total cost 7 or less.
Kizuna Blaster Double Cross
JK Great Gamble One of your creatures that has the same name as one in the battle zone
Galaxy Lupia NEX
Draghurricane Energy Dragon
Drum Spirit Creature that has the same name as the crossed creature
Nine Edge "Yasha" Dragon Non-evolution cross gear that costs 3 or less
Pandakko Panda Non-evolution Dreammate that costs 3 or less
Prominence Catastrophe Creature that has the same name as the crossed creature
Baby Birth A light, water, darkness, or fire creature that costs 2 or less
The Door of Miracle and Mystery A non-evolution creature from the top 4 cards of your deck
Kirin Legacy, the Twin Meteor A creature that has the same name as a creature under this evolution creature
Marjoram, Messiah's Revival Any number of colorless Gods that costs 7 or less
Truename Nuts Spaghettino Non-evolution creatures that have total cost 6 or less
Truename Ragon NEX Achoppi Chonan, Suteppi Jinan or Fueppi Sannan
Acid, Sacred Execution Colorless creature that costs 7 or less
Pangaea Moon, the Enlightened Same name as the non-evolution creature you put into the battle zone
Ballcadeia NEX, Lord of Demon Dragons Dragon or Command
Zorro Star, Izanai's Tactician Colorless creature that costs 7 or less
Dekaburu, Izanai's Bonds Cobble, Familia's Bonds
Choice of Destiny Nature creature that costs 3 or less
Mephisto, Gaia's Coolclaw 2 Nature or Water creatures that cost 3 or less
Zephys, Gaia's Godly General A God can link with one of your Gods in the battle zone
Ribulamira, Mirror Wings Copies of itself
Moel, Love Attack Non-evolution hunters that costs 8 or less
Necrodragon Gyouten Kyoutei Truename Screaming Psycho
Planet Phystachio, Apocalyptic Dragonic Spirit 2 non-evolution Light Bringers that cost 3 or less
  • See also: creatures with the Kourin ability word.