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回収 (Kaishū)
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Recovery is way of returning cards from a specific game zone into another zone (generally into your hand), but also the battle zone or shield zone.

Types of Recovery by Zone

Graveyard > Hand (also known as Salvage or Graveyard Recovery)

Graveyard > Mana Zone (a specific form of Mana Acceleration)

Mana Zone > Hand (also known as Mana Recovery)

Shield Zone > Hand (also known as Shield Recovery)

Battle Zone > Hand (also known as Bounce)


Recovery abilities are used order to deal with interference from your opponent (such as Creature removal, Card Discard or Mana Mana) or to re-use cards.

  • Cards put into the shields are seen as the most difficult to collect, as they need to wait for when your opponent would break them as a shield.
  • Cards that are put on the bottom of your deck are fairly impossible to recover from, without specific cards such as Logic Cube or Crystal Memory to search for them directly.
  • Due to the disadvantage of making useful cards difficult to recover, putting a useful card into the Mana Zone is usually seen as a disadvantage. Mana Recovery can help with this.
  • With the usages of cards such as Bliss Totem, Avatar of Luck and Mystic Dreamscape, cards can be moved from the Graveyard to the Mana Zone and then the Hand.
  • Putting a card from your graveyard into the battle zone is known as Reanimate.