リアニメイト (Rianimeito)
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Reanimate is a slang term given to the ability of putting creatures from your graveyard into the battle zone.


The ability appears in many variants, usually differing in the costs or types of creatures that can be returned from your graveyard.

It is an ability that first appeared on Inferno Gate, a card that later got put into the Premium Hall of Fame due to its power.

5 Inferno Gate
Darkness / Spell

■ Put a non-evolution creature from your graveyard into the battle zone.

As there are many cards that cards that can help put your own cards into your graveyard, usually seen as a disadvantage (such as Dandy Eggplant or Emergency Typhoon), the Reanimate strategy can be quite strong with its ability to re-use creatures in combos with those types of cards.

There are also many cards that can put your own cards from your deck into your graveyard.

It is most commonly found on Darkness Civilization cards due to their association with a players graveyard but has also appeared on cards such as Light Gate in the Light Civilization, or on Rising NEX, the Enlightened in the Fire Civilization.

List of cards with a "Reanimate" ability

 ■ Acme M, First Seed
 ■ Albatross, Spirit Wing Treasure
 ■ Almil, Rebirth Elemental
 ■ Atom, the Divine Core
 ■ Babelginus, Demonic Dragon
 ■ Baraghiara, Heavenly Earth Momentum / Ringfinity Violent Dark
 ■ Bash, Misfortune Demon 34
 ■ Bat, Gashura / Blood Red Anger
 ■ Belbel, Reaper Doll
 ■ Bikkureeno
 ■ Bishamons Deken / 「Come from the Abyss, The Soul」
 ■ Blazing Boss! Vals Kaiser
 ■ Boneblade Dragoon
 ■ Boost, Misfortune Demon 33
 ■ Codeking Khachaturian
 ■ Codename James
 ■ Connecticut Yankee
 ■ Daft Punk, Lord of Demons Right God
 ■ Darth Sith K, Dark Armor
 ■ Death Gate, Hell Demon Dragon
 ■ Evelaurent, Mercy Dragon Elemental
 ■ Experience the Miracle! Re Born Kaiser
 ■ FORBIDDEN ~Star of Forbidden~
 ■ Fernando Sesseur / Primal Scream
 ■ Filefish Jacket, Shadow of Torture
 ■ Fusshisshi the Invulnerable
 ■ Fuuma Beelzebub
 ■ Fuuma Soul Avals
 ■ Gashagozra, Misfortune Demon 03
 ■ Gensetoraise, Burial Hero
 ■ Girizombie, Bakeneko
 ■ Greatest Great, Zenith of "Life"
 ■ Guruguru, Revival Demon Dragon
 ■ Haku★Yon
 ■ Hasil, Misfortune Demon 51
 ■ Heinrich Darmark
 ■ Hell MISSOKATSU Kaiser
 ■ Hemoglo, Demonic Doctor
 ■ JK Darkness Rockderian
 ■ Jabbaranga, Misfortune Demon 07
 ■ Jaouga, Onigaoni
 ■ Kaiser "Blade Demon", Zenith of "Certain Victory"
 ■ Kill the Live, Revolution Demon Dragon
 ■ Latelier Robuchon
 ■ Linnevenus, M Demon Dragon
 ■ Looks, Enforcement Doctor
 ■ Luginus, Dragon Armored Doctor / God Hand of Hell
 ■ Megalo Destroyto
 ■ Merrianne, Vizier of Light
 ■ Mikenyanko
 ■ Modos, Forbidden V
 ■ Mukade, Asura
 ■ Necrodragon Danchigai Fankigai
 ■ Necrodragon Guljeneraid
 ■ Necrodragon Haisai Rasshai
 ■ Necrodragon Metal Zangilas
 ■ Necromancer Inferno Kaiser
 ■ Noshire, Fallen Angel of Betrothal
 ■ Ntula, Asura / Dance of Puppets
 ■ Rousseau Montes / Monte Scale Sign
 ■ Sandpit Man
 ■ Sasorimukade, Asura
 ■ Shigurune, Dragon Armored No. 30 / Cool Tune
 ■ Shivalark, Judge of Revival
 ■ Shivanrinne, Gravekeeper of Undead
 ■ Shure Dinga
 ■ Simone Pétre
 ■ Sir Virginia, Mystic Light Insect
 ■ Sixth Sense, Undead Bandit
 ■ Spiner, Shock Doctor
 ■ Steiner, the Resurrecting Reaper
 ■ Summer Ojisummer / Moon Ojisummer
 ■ Toratouluf, Thundering Demon Dragon
 ■ Trueking Viola Sonata
 ■ Truename Hadesgil Skill
 ■ Underkane, Fearless Monster
 ■ Undeux Trois, Darkness Princess
 ■ Uno Dos Tres, Dark Noble
 ■ Urami Hades, Curse Hero
 ■ Utsusemi Doji
 ■ Wand, Botanist
 ■ Weissing, Darma
 ■ Yata Izuna, Eight-Headed Parasite
 ■ Yominoseimei, Oni of "Onmyou"
 ■ Zeta-File, Zenith of "Mystery"

These cards can be used to put cards into your graveyard easily
(For a full list, see also: Self Discard and Self Mill.)

Anti-Reanimate Cards

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