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Real Cost
実質コスト (Jisshitsu Kosuto)
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Real Cost is the actual cost paid to play a card.


It has 2 meanings:

  • 1) It is cost that is required when you play the card, taking into considering Cost Reduction and Cost Increase, not the Mana Cost on the face value of the card.
  • 2) If its not paid for at all, it is the cost of other cards that played it For No Cost, or as cost trample.


  • When playing cards, the total cost and the mana cost usually match, but this is not true for cost trampling.
  • If the mana cost of a Cost Trampling card and a card that was cost trampled is the same, the real cost is the same.
  • It is mostly referred to by Psychic Creatures or Draghearts that can't be summoned for their regular Hyperspatial Cost.