Race Category
種族しゅぞくカテゴリ (Shuzoku Kategori)
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Race Category is an advanced grouping of races.


Certain cards refer to a common word that is included in the names of various races. This can include a race that includes the word exclusively or partially.

It should be noted that a Race Category isn't necessarily a race itself. For example, if you choose a race by the effect of Petrova, Channeler of Suns, you can't choose "Dragon" and increase the power of both Armored Dragon and Red Command Dragons. You also can't choose a word such as "Mecha" found on Great Mecha King or Mecha Del Sol that isn't found as an actual race.

However, if there is a race that has the same name as a Race Category, if you choose that race, you are able to extend the range of the effect to all races in that category. If you were to choose Outrage by the effect of Petrova, Channeler of Suns, you increase the power of all Outrage creatures, as well as Outrage MAX (and even Outrage OMG, Outrage Dragon, Outrage Wanko and Outrage Nyanko).

This Race Category is only applied to the text in the Race section of the Card Frame, not the Card Name. Cards such as Three-Eyed Dragonfly or Dark Jios, Lord of Dark Dragons aren't treated as Dragons.

As this rule wasn't initially in the game until the September 25, 2015 rule change, there are few oddities featured on some cards. For example, Mantis Sword, Brute Insect has both the "Giant" and "Giant Insect" races. While this rarely has much gameplay impact, it causes 2 cards to be drawn with Shaman Totem.

  • This also allows it to receive support from cards such as Kirino Giant or evolution creatures that weren't designed for Giant Insects.

If a card such as Sir Virginia, Mystic Light Insect refers to "that has the same race", it includes all the races included in that Race Category. Therefore, you can pseudo-Reanimate if the creature has a Dark Knightmare or Funky Knightmare race.

On the contrary, a card such as Aegis, Sage of Fire and Lightning is only able to destroy a creature with exactly the same race. If it battles a Human, it can't destroy a Human Baku.

This Race Category system was expanded and designed around fully between Dragon Saga and Revolution Final blocks with the Invasion and Revolution Change abilities based on specific race categories, mainly Dragon, Command and Command Dragon. It also introduced various new races based on previous races such as Human Baku, Dark Knightmare or Cyber Virus Kai.

List of Race Categories

These categories also appear as a race.

Race Category: Included Races:
Idol ■ World Idol
Outrage ■ Outrage Max
■ Outrage OMG
■ Outrage Wanko
■ Outrage Nyanko
■ Outrage Dragon
Initials ■ Master Initials
■ Initials X
Angel Command ■ Angel Command Dragon
Guardian ■ Guardian Command Dragon
Revolutionary ■ Master Revolutionary
God ■ God Nova
■ God Nova OMG
Cyber Virus ■ Cyber Virus Kai
Giant ■ Giant Insect
Gransect ■ Gransect Hazard
Jokers ■ Jokers Dragon
Invader ■ S-Rank Invader
■ Invader ZERO
Snow Faerie ■ Snow Faerie Kaze
Sonic Command ■ Forbidden Sonic Command
Demon Command ■ Demon Command Dragon
Knight ■ Funky Knightmare
■ Dark Knightmare
Beast Folk ■ Beast Folk Go
Hero ■ Machine Hero
Human ■ Human Baku
■ Human Jya
Fire Bird ■ Fire Bird En
Fish ■ Gel Fish
Sumo Wrestler Command ■ Sumo Wrestler Command Dragon
Liquid People ■ Liquid People Flash
World Command ■ World Command Dragon
Monster ■ Blue Monster
■ Dark Monster
■ Emerald Monster
■ Flame Monster
■ Shine Monster
■ Gao Monster
■ Magical Monster

These categories don't appear as a singular race.

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