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*[[World Dragon]]
*[[World Dragon]]
'''All creatures have only 1 race.'''
'''All races have only 1 creature.'''
*[[Magical Monster]]
*[[Magical Monster]]

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種族 (Shuzoku)


The race of Guardian shown under the name of this creature.
Japanese Wiki: 1977

Race is a characteristic of creature cards in the Duel Masters trading card game (and sometimes spells or cross gears).

Each creature in the game has a race, which appears on the card under its card name.


There are no rules specific to creature races, but there are many cards that support the race, or even group of races, such as Dragon.

Some creatures have 2 or more races separated by a slash, such as Gonta, the Warrior Savage. Gonta has the races of Beast Folk and Human, and is affected by any card that affects Beast Folk and any card that affects Humans. It can be evolved into an evolution creature that requires either race.

Various creatures in later sets feature 3 races, with Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush, Battle the Climax, Zenith of "Victory", Truekaiser Max Adrenaline and Kiramaru, Great Miracle being unique cards in having 4 races. Ultra Man is the only card to have to have more than 4 races, with a total of 9.

While races are primarily featured on creature cards, some spells in the Sengoku Saga (DM-28 to DM-32) such as the Knight Magic series, feature the race of Knight. Certain Cross Gears in the Sengoku Saga also feature a race; Samurai, the opposing force to the Knights. Due to featuring these races, they could be affected by various support cards that specified a race, rather than card type (such as Gregorias, Mystic Light Death Saint or Bolmeteus "Kensei" Dragon).

List of Races

Shared Races

Shared between all civilizations

Shared between all 5 monocolored civilizations

Shared between 2 Civilizations

Shared between 2 or more Civilizations

All creatures are Multicolored.

All creatures have 5 civilizations.

All races have only 1 creature.

Groups of Races


  • When you are choosing a race for a creature effect (eg. Petrova, Channeler of Suns or Surprise Illusion), you can choose races such as "Armored Dragon" or "Cyber Command" but not groups of races such as "Dragon" or "Command".

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