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しゅぞく (Shuzoku)
The race of Guardian shown under the name of this creature.
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Race is a gameplay characteristic of creature cards in the Duel Masters trading card game (and sometimes spells or cross gear).

Most creatures in the game have a race, which appears on the card under its card name.


There are no rules specific to creature races, but there are many cards that support the race, or even Race Category, such as Dragon.

Some creatures have 2 or more races separated by a slash, such as Gonta, the Warrior Savage. Gonta has the races of Beast Folk and Human, and is affected by any card that affects Beast Folk and any card that affects Humans. It can be evolved into an evolution creature that requires either race.

There are various creatures with a Hedrian race in Black Box Packs that have the highest total of races, with 8, 9 and 10 .

Later, high rarity creatures with 4 races appeared with both the Hunter and Alien races as Special Races were released were unique cards in having 4 races.

  • This was also more commonly seen on 3-civilization creatures (with Dispector as a special race) due to them being a combination of formerly released creatures.

Cards with 4 or more races include;

# of Races: Card: Races:
10 Ultimate Man Outrage / Hedrian / Shinobi / Dynamo / Hunter
Children / Lost Crusader / Curry Bread / Pianist / World Idol
9 Ultra Man Hedrian / Hunter / Alien / Samurai / Knight
Origin / Dynamo / Shinobi / Survivor
8 Iconic Man Wonderforce / Tricks / Deletron / Hedrian / Fish
Guardian / Giant / Xenoparts
4 Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush Human / Red Command Dragon / Hunter / Alien
Battle the Climax, Zenith of "Victory" Red Command Dragon / Zenith / Hunter / Alien
Truekaiser Adrenaline Max Red Command Dragon / Unknown / Hunter / Alien
Kiramaru, Great Miracle Human / Hunter / Alien / Zenith
Zardiclica, Hybrid Winds Dragon Dispector / Crystal Command Dragon / Angel Command / Melt Warrior
Master of Revolution Mega Command Dragon / Angel Command Dragon / Human / Revolutionary Revolutionary.png
CAPTEEEN (Heavypo Star) Beat Jockey / Angel Command / Team Bomber Team Bomber.png / RexStars
Manifest the 2nd (Spell Star) Tricks / Poseidia Dragon / Team Wave Team Wave.png / RexStars
N Extreme, Electrofused Dragon World Dispector / Armored Dragon / Earth Dragon / Cyber Command
Vol-Val-8, Forbidden Dragon King Dispector / Armored Dragon / Earth Dragon / Forbidden
Romanogri-La the 0th, Zero Prison Connected King Dispector / Dark Lord / Guardian / Knight
Valhalzark, Concatenated Destruction Seal Dispector / Angel Command Dragon / Armored Dragon / Zombie Dragon

The following creatures have 3 races with no special races.

There are also creatures with No Race.

While races are primarily featured on creature cards, other card types were given races as well. in the Sengoku Saga (DM-28 to DM-32).

  • Spells feature the Knight race and Knight Magic keyword, and Cross Gear were given Samurai, the opposing force to the Knights.

Due to featuring these races, they could be affected by various support cards that specified a race, rather than card type (such as Gregorias, Mystic Light Death Saint or Bolmeteus "Kensei" Dragon).

Later on, Phoenix Life in DMX-21 Masters Chronicle Pack: Comic of Heroes was released that had Phoenix as a race, as well as the Jokers race after the release of DMRP-01 Here Come the Jokers!!.

This occurred frequently in the Duel Masters (DMRP Block) block with the Jokers race featuring on spells as well as Fields (Crossbow War! Momo Castle Tower and Joe Star of Hope).

Ten Kings had the various Team and Kingdom races on spells.

The Rise of Kings MAX introduced the Tamaseed card type, with each card having an Oni RexStars or RexStars race.

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  • When you are choosing a race for a creature effect (e.g. Petrova, Channeler of Suns or Surprise Illusion), you can choose races such as "Armored Dragon" or "Cyber Command" but not Race Categories such as "Dragon" or "Command".