Queen Amaterasu Loop
クイーン・アマテラス ループ (Kuīn Amaterasu Rūpu)
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Queen Amaterasu Loop is a loop combo control deck type.


It is based on the combo of Queen Amaterasu along with All for One, Machine of D and by activating its Denjara Switch it can also cast a Dragment Innovation to start a loop. Variations depend on the user.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
Queen Amaterasu Bring out All for One, Machine of D and via Denjara Switch also cast Dragment Innovation.
All for One, Machine of D Reuse Queen Amaterasu's effect and possible fatty cost trample.
Dragment Innovation Recast spells and start a loop.

Alexander Type

Alexander the 3rd, Emperor of the Demonic Eye is used to cast a second Dragment Innovation from the deck and spam spells to aid the loop.

Recommended cards: Reason:
Alexander the 3rd, Emperor of the Demonic Eye Loop spells.
Emergency Typhoon
Cyber Tune
Draw and supply the graveyard with spells for Dragment Innovation or creatures.
Baiken, Blue Dragon of the Hidden Blade Discard it via a shield trigger Emergency Typhoon to bounce an opponent's creature. Use All For One to destroy it and spam Queen Amaterasu.
Deepsea Searcher Search for Queen Amaterasu then bring it out by destroying this creature via All For One.
Inferno Sign
Eternal Sign
Spam creatures from the graveyard.

Q-END Type

If you manage to loop Queen Amaterasu with All For One to cast spells, you can Dragsolution Evidestein, Ultra Dragment Fortress. Afterwards you can start looping spells with Q-END, Nu Dragment-King.

Recommended cards: Reason:
Evidestein, Ultra Dragment Fortress
Q-END, Nu Dragment-King
Core of the loop.
Metal Avenger Revenge, Nu Dragon Edge Bring out Evidestein.
Force Again Respam Queen Amaterasu or Nu Metal Avenger Revenge.
Formation in the Springs Spam weenies in the battle zone.
Veil Babylonia, Blue Divine Dragon
Loop these creatures for a deckout.
Variable Poker Rearrange your shields so that you can get back loop materials in your deck.
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