Quattro Breaker
Japanflag Qクアトロ・ブレイカー
(Kuatoro Bureikā)
DM-29 Rock-on Heroes
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Quattro Breaker is a Breaker keyword shared between the Light, Darkness, Fire and Nature civilizations.


Whenever a creature attacks your opponent and isn't blocked, a shield is broken from your opponents shield zone and is put into their hand. When a creature that has "Quattro Breaker" attacks, 4 shields are broken instead.

A creature with Quattro Breaker usually has 18000 to 23000 power. It doesn't appear on a monocolored Water Civilization card.

If a creature has 2 or more breaker abilities, only the higher level breaker ability is applied.

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for Quattro Breaker reads;

Quattro breaker (This creature breaks 4 shields.)


9 Terradragon Diruga Vejida
Nature / Creature
Earth Dragon


Quattro breaker (This creature breaks 4 shields.)

■ When this creature would be destroyed, shuffle it into your deck instead.


Cards with the Quattro Breaker ability

Color percentages

There are a total of 16 cards with the Quattro Breaker ability, which divide by civilization as such:

  • LightLight = 6.25% (1/16)
  • DarknessDarkness = 12.5% (2/16)
  • FireFire = 25% (4/16)
  • NatureNature = 18.75% (3/16)
  • Zero Zero = 18.75% (3/16)
  • Multicolored = 18.75% (3/16)

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