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Console: iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire
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Puzzle & Dragons is a puzzle video game with elements of RPGs and strategy games, developed by GungHo Online Entertainment.

In Japan, the title is often shortened to Pazudora (パズドラ), while in English it is shortened to PAD.


Puzzle & Dragons is at its core a match-three puzzle game, requiring players to move and match colored orbs arranged in a grid. The amount and type of matches determine which of the six monsters on the player's team attack the waves of enemy monsters and how much damage they do. An additional layer of challenge is the acquisition, selection, and improvement of a team of monsters from among thousands ranging from standard fantasy fare, to deities from several religions and mythologies and characters from popular entertainment franchises.


Puzzle & Dragons is also known for its collaboration events with several other video games and anime properties. During collaborations, Special Dungeons and special Collaboration Egg Machines are added to the game which contain monsters that can otherwise never be obtained again. The more common monsters won through the collaboration dungeons will possess the same skills as standard monsters, making them sought after for increasing monster skill levels. Most of the collaborations are exclusive to the Japanese edition of the game, but many have been released to the international editions.

List of Duel Masters characters in Puzzle & Dragons

Id: Character: Leader Skill:
2151 Lightduel, Dragon Elemental Dragon Heart of Hope
2152 Dark Masters, Demon Dragon Dragon Heart of Despair
2153 Cocco Lupia Dance of the Dragon Call
2154 Mach Lupia Dance of the Dragon Call
2155 Aqua Surfer Mysterious Surfboard
2156 Crystal Paladin Deep Spiral
2157 Factory Shell Q Big Survivor Increase
2158 Fortress Shell Ground Scrape
2159 Miele, Vizier of Lightning Judgment Arrow
2160 Craze Valkyrie, the Drastic Photonic Charge
2161 Mad Guitar Demonic Performance
2162 Death Waltz, Demon of Death Orchestra of Death
2163 Kachua, Keeper of the Icegate Dragon Friend
2164 Bolmeteus Steel Dragon King of Dragons
2165 Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon Reincarnation of the Dragon King
2166 Bolmeteus Black Dragon Legend of Hope and Victory
2167 Bolshack Dragon From Sorrow to Wrath
2168 Bolshack Yamato Dragon Fiery Explosion
2169 Spell Great Blue, Blue Divine Dragon Howl of the Blue Divine Dragon
2170 Supernova Neptune Shutrom Supernova of the Malicious Diety
2171 Cursed Totem Magic Power Amplification
2172 Messiah, the Battlemaster Artisan Warrior Power
2173 Urth, Purifying Elemental Trump Card of Light
2174 Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits Arcadia's Radiance
2175 Romanov the 1st, Lord of the Demonic Eye Feast of Destruction
2176 Beginning Romanov, Lord of the Demonic Eye Mark of Purgatory and Magic Bullets
2177 Bolmeteus Steel Dragon card N/A
2178 Romanov the 1st, Lord of the Demonic Eye card N/A
2200 Kachua, Keeper of the Icegate card N/A
2201 Bolshack Dragon card N/A
2202 Spell Great Blue, Blue Divine Dragon card N/A
2203 Cursed Totem card N/A
2204 Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits card N/A
2595 Bolmeteus Blue Flame Dragon Blue Dragon King's Flame
2596 Bolshack NEX Dragon and Bird's Friendship
2597 Alphadios, Lord of Spirits Shining Holy Spirit's Timbre
3003 Shobu Kirifuda Let's duel!!
3004 Duel Master Shobu Kirifuda Let's duel!!
3165 Last Romanov, Evil Eyed Emperor Sword of Wisdom and Pursuit
3166 Dogiragon, Flaming Revolution Perfect Revolution Offense
3167 Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader Final Revolution
3168 Katta Kirifuda This next draw will be intense!
3169 Victory Mode Katta Kirifuda This next draw will be intense!
3170 Hamukatsuman Buster, No.1 Wind Come on, let's fight!
3171 Dogiragon, Flaming Revolution card N/A
3196 Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader card N/A



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