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Put Into Graveyard is a term used for the ability of creatures that triggers when they are put into your graveyard from the battle zone (also called destroy).

It is also commonly referred to as a "PiG" ability.


It's is usually templated as "When this creature is destroyed, EFFECT". This appears as "このクリーチャーが破壊された時" in the Japanese text.

This ability is triggered whenever a creature is destroyed and put into a players graveyard. This also covers destruction by the effect of any card, including destruction by battle.

Due to its mechanics, it can be slower to trigger than a regular Come Into Play ability. However, it can be played together with Self Removal cards.

However, this also leads to creatures having lower costs due to these disadvantages to the slower timing. This can lead to causing problems for your opponent in the early game trying to remove them and avoid their trigger.

These types of cards also work well in suicidal attacks (possibly after tapping your opponent's creatures). They also work together with Creature Recovery cards to be able to continually reuse them.

Abilities that trigger when a creatures "leaves the battle zone" are a much stronger version of a PiG ability, as they trigger regardless of how the creature is moved from the zone, such as Bounce or Mana Feed.

2 Propeller Mutant
DarknessDarkness.png / Creature

When this creature is destroyed, your opponent discards a card at random from his hand.

There are various keywords such as Shield Go, Doron Go, Last Burst or Escape that trigger when a creature with them is destroyed.


  • When a card such as Jack Viper, Shadow of Doom puts one of your creatures with a PiG ability into a zone other than your graveyard, their ability is not triggered due to the substitution ability.
  • Cards such as Dark Soul Creation and Deadly Love can be used with these types of creatures. The "destroy" on these abilities all qualify as being "put into your graveyard", as they are being paid for a Cost.
  • The similar "When they would leave the battle zone" ability triggers at the same time as a PiG ability. When both of them would be triggered at the same time, the owner of the cards chooses the order.



Support Card: Card Effect:
Tizoris, Emperor Dragon Armored ■ Each of your creatures' abilities that would trigger when your creatures are destroyed or when they would leave the battle zone, trigger twice instead.

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