Psycho Horror, Feeling of Falsehood
Civilization: LightLight
Card Type: Creature
Mana Cost:  8
Races: Demon Command / Unnoise
English Text: ​​Blocker Blocker (Whenever an opponent's creature attacks, you may tap this creature to stop the attack. Then the 2 creatures battle.)

■ This creature can't attack players.

Gravity Zero―If you have a Zenith in the battle zone, you may summon this creature for no cost.

Japanese Text: Blocker ブロッカー

■ このクリーチャーは相手プレイヤーを攻撃出来ない。

■ G・ゼロ-バトルゾーンにゼニスがあれば、このクリーチャーをコストを支払わずに召喚してよい。

Power:  13000
Mana: 1
Illustrator: YOICHI ITO
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