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Psychic Field
(Saikikku Fīrudo)
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Psychic Field is a Psychic field card type.


It was introduced in DMEX-08 Mysterious Black Box Pack and is exclusive to Enjoy Play! Everyone's Playground! GANG PARADE!.

It is the first card type with a psychic supertype to not have the creature card type, but is the flipped form of 3 psychic creatures.

Enjoy Play! Everyone's Playground! GANG PARADE!
LightLight.png WaterWater.png DarknessDarkness.png FireFire.png NatureNature.png / Psychic Field

■ Each of your creatures gets +3000 power, "speed attacker", "blocker", "slayer" and untaps at the end of your turns.

■ When this field is Ganpar Psychic Linked, look at the top 10 cards of your deck.

As it's not a D2 Field, it can exist in the battle zone at the same time.