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Private Zone
こうかいゾーン (Hikōkai Zōn)
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Private Zone refers to zones where the cards in them are unknown to both players.


This includes the following zones;

You can not see cards in these zones unless you use some kind of ability. This can include Face Up or Peeping / Shield Peek.

For example, it is possible to see your deck with the Come Into Play ability of Rumbling Terahorn or see your opponent's hand with Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet.

It's an important strategy to gain Information Advantage by looking at cards in a private zone and make use of it in later playing.

Competition Event Management Rules

  • 3.10 Private Information

Private information is for cards and objects that the game rules and formats don't allow you to always see.

During a match, draft, and pre-game steps, players are obliged to keep their cards that are treated as private information out of sight of the other player.


  • Cards in a private zone can't be looked at any time. However, abilities of some cards allow you to look at them temporarily.
    • Even if the card was revealed once, you can't look at it again while in a private zone later on without using the abilities again.
  • As cards from a private zone are unknown until they revealed, even if the effect is compulsory, the ability to use the revealed card is usually optional.
    • For example, looking at your shields for the ability of Codefight Agatha Hercule is compulsory, although you can choose not a put Demon Command creature from among them.
    • Since the private zone can't be treated as a public zone, it can't be proven there's a valid target for the ability.
  • When moving a card from a public zone to a private zone, the opponent can know the moved card as it was originally in a public zone.
    • For example, if you add a card in your graveyard to your shields with Izumo, Super Godkind or multiple cards with Fortune Slot, the cards moved into the private zone are known.
    • However, when moving multiple cards at once, it's not necessary to tell your opponent the order of each card individually.
  • For Dondon Vacuuming Now where you move cards from a private zone to any private zone (top of deck > bottom of deck), it is a rules violation to tell your opponent the order of cards.
  • With the exception of your hand, cards in the private zone can't be rearranged arbitrarily. Any cards in the deck, shields, or Super Gacharange can't be changed.
  • There is no rule that prevents you from rearranging the cards in your had.
    • For example, its not a rules violation to shuffle your hand face down while your opponent is chosen a card in your hand randomly by a Card Discard effect.



  • As each players graveyard and hyperspatial zone are public zones, you can check them at any point of the game. However, you should still ask your opponent nicely when handling their cards.
  • If you have Mestapo, the Patroller and Q.Q.QX. / Final Burial Five Sense Down, your opponent is unable to look at cards in their deck.
    • Any card in the deck is unable to be turned up while the static ability of Mestapo is active.
  • With the exception of the Accelerator ability of Gigazanda, each card that is able to look at the cards in your opponents deck is in the Premium Hall of Fame.
  • Turning a card over from a private zone (other than your hand) is known as Reveal.