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(Haiboku Kaihi Nōryoku)
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Prevents Defeat refers to the generic name of an ability that produces an effect that prevents you from losing the game and/or your opponent winning the game.


8 Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility
Fire Fire.png / Creature
Red Command Dragon + Hunter

■ Whenever one of your Dragons attack, choose one of your opponent's shields and put it into its owner's graveyard.

■ Double breaker

■ When you would lose the game, or your opponent would win the game, destroy this creature instead.

■ When this creature is destroyed, this turn, you can't lose the game and your opponent can't win.

There are several ways to lose a game of Duel Masters, but there are also multiple types of abilities that can prevent defeat for various conditions.

There are many cards that replace defeat by a Substitution Effect, or keep cards that defeat themselves by continuous effect .

"Replace Defeat by Attack" type

When a Direct Attack to yourself passes, the defeat itself can be replaced and avoided. " Extra win with attack trigger " is not a victory by attack on the rule, but you can avoid defeat with these abilities. However, you can't avoid the extra winning ability of cards other than the attacking creature that is resolved during the attack and the special defeat conditions of your card.

The following 3 cards belong to this type.

"Replace Defeat by Attacking creatures" type

In addition to above category, you can also prevent Extra Win abilities that trigger on attack such as Ultimate Galaxy Universe.

"Replace Defeat by non-Attack" type

It can be avoided by replacing the opponent's victory. Extra win due to a deck out or circumstance induction continues to satisfy the defeat condition even once it is replaced, so it can't be avoided as a result.

Currently, only Perfect Defense exists.

"Instead of drawing your last card"

These cards can only prevent defeat by replacing the event of drawing the last card from your deck.

"Unconditional Replace" type

Regardless of whether it is an attack or not, you can avoid by replacing the defeat if you defeat it. Although all situations that can be avoided with the above two types and special defeat conditions of trigger type can be avoided, extra win due to their own deck out or situation trigger continues to satisfy the defeat condition even once avoided, and as a result It can not be avoided.

The following 3 cards belong to this type.

Prevent your loss, Prevent opponents win" type

It creates a situation where you lose the game or the opponent is prevented from winning the game. Any side defeat / opponent's victory achieved while this ability is effective is also completely invalidated.

In addition to what can be avoided with the above types, it is also possible to avoid extra winning by my deck out, situation triggering, any special defeat conditions of ally. In the case of circumstance-triggered situation-induced victory / defeat indefinitely, in the current ruling, continue the game ignoring the triggering situation that triggers repeatedly .

The following cards belong to this type. These are split between Static Ability and Trigger Ability.


Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility has two types of ability to avoid defeat, but unless the third ability is resolved beforehand against deck-out or Alternate Win, you will still lose the game. For details, refer to the rulings on its card page.

  • Superbia, Pride Demon Dragon actually prevents your opponent from losing the game instead.
  • It is impossible to avoid defeat by rule infringement, non-gentlemanly actions and by surrendering.