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Prevents Attack
攻撃制限 (Kōgeki Seigen)
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Prevents Attack is a term for the ability of cards that put an effect on creatures that make them unable to attack.


It is most commonly known by Nariel, the Oracle and its power-based prevention ability, but it can also restrict attacks by civilization or unconditionally to all creatures.

Some cards also have the ability to not be able to attack themselves or not allowing your other creatures to attack.

There are other abilities such as Tap In (Ryusei Kaiser, the Eternal, removal that trigger on an attack (Super Shachihoko Castle) and Decrease Power on tapped creatures (Necrodragon Zanjibar) that limit your attacking options, but these are not included in the term.

Cards with a Diamond State ability allow you to bypass effects that prevent you from attack.

List of commonly used Prevents Attack cards

Affect all creatures

Affect only opponents creatures

Affect only your creatures

Affects themselves

Affects your other creatures