A Power Creep is a phenomenon that happens in games that constantly update their content, such as in Trading Card Games like Duel Masters.


It is generally seen when the game gradually unbalances as new content is added as newer cards become stronger and stronger and begin to outshine older cards. (e.g. Quattro Fang, Super Gang Leader being a strictly better version of Fighter Dual Fang.)

In order for a card to be considered a Power Creep, power and cost are not the only determining factors as power is only used to battle other creatures and determining if the creature will be removed by Power-Based Removal. The effects of the creature must also be taken into account. For example, a Vanilla or Quasi-Vanilla creature with an overly high cost-to power ratio (e.g. Gonta, the Warrior Savage) is not considered power creep, but a creature such as Perfect Galaxy, Immortality Elemental is, due to it when compared to Hanusa, Radiance Elemental, a Quasi-Vanilla creature from DM-01, has the same cost but 500 less power, with the additional 500 power which is the reason for Hanusa's 7 cost being used on a Shield Force ability that makes it nearly invincible, which makes Perfect Galaxy, Immortality Elemental much more threatening than Hanusa, Radiance Elemental despite having the same mana cost.

The power creep in Duel Masters started in the God Apex Saga where cards such as Super Spark and Diamond Sword completely replaced the role of cards such as Holy Awe and Diamond Cutter.

In Duel Masters, while the metagame used to be dominated by creatures with no more than 6000 power, power creep has made creatures over the power of 6000 a common sight currently. It also caused the metagame of Episode 2 and Episode 3 to be filled with high-speed mana ramp decks and decks based on spamming gigantic finisher creatures for no cost.

However, each set has things that go up in power while other things are brought down in power. This creates the illusion that the power is always going up because the focus is where they are pushing the power. This technique helps to create the illusion of the power increasing when, in fact, it attempts to actually stay pretty even. R&D actively endeavors to keep the power level of the game consistent. This is also accomplished with the Hall of Fame.

Examples of Power Creeps


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