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Power Based Removal
火力 (Karyoku)
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Power Based Removal is a slang term given to cards that destroy creatures based on their power.


It is a form of Removal mainly only featured on cards in the Fire Civilization, while certain removal in other civilizations (Such as Bounce) can sometimes have power-based conditions.

2 Crimson Hammer
Fire Fire.png / Spell

■ Destroy one of your opponent's creatures that has power 2000 or less.

It can often be classified into 4 types:

  • Single Fire — Destroying one creature that has a specific power or less.
  • Multi Fire — Destroying multiple creatures that have a specific power or less.
  • Mass Fire — Destroying all creatures that have a specific power or less.
  • Total Power — Destroying any number of creatures that have a combined total power or less.

However, some cards such as Bolsred Fire Dragon can destroy creatures by a varying amount of power, based on something such as a discarded card.

A card is sometimes referred to as having "_____ firepower". For example, Crimson Hammer is "2000 firepower" and Blizzard of Spears is "Mass 4000 firepower".

Cards in the "Mass Fire" type card destroy creatures that are Unchoosable as they are not specifically being targeted.

The highest amount of firepower listed on a card is 13000 on Dracken Assault, Bursting Revolution. However, the maximum possible is 39000 if Heavy Death Metal, End of the Century is revealed by Tenshukaku, Dragon King Keep.

While using 2 copies of Crimson Hammer on a creature that has 4000 power doesn't work as Duel Masters doesn't record "damage", it can be combined with Decrease Power cards to lower the creatures power to the required range of power.

List of Power Based Removal cards

Single Fire

Multi Fire

Mass Power

Total Power

Cost Based