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Japanflag パワーアタッカー (Pawā Atakkā)
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DM-01 Base Set
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Power Attacker is an evergreen keyword shared between the Fire and Nature civilizations.


The Power Attacker effect is exclusive to creatures, although there are Spells and Cross Gears which can grant it to creatures. It grants a creature additional power when attacking, enabling them to deal with a larger variety of creatures as well as making it more difficult to block the creature unscathed. It does not affect the opponent as power has no use other than battling creatures.

However, Power Attacker doesn't trigger when a creature is attacked. Therefore, a creature that has Power Attacker and low base power is extremely vulnerable to being attacked and destroyed by a stronger creature.

Power Attacker has a variation; Infinity Power Attacker, which grants the creature that has it infinite power rather than a fixed power increase. This version of Power Attacker can be considered a weaker version of Win All Battles and it cannot defeat a creature with said ability.

Early Power boost spells and creature effects tend to use Power Attacker to give creatures additional power instead of an actual power boost. (e.g. Aura Blast, Galsaur)

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for Power Attacker reads;

Power Attacker +N (While attacking, this creature gets +N power.)


2 Adventure Boar
Nature / Creature
Beast Folk


Power Attacker +2000 (While attacking, this creature gets +2000 power.)


Cards with Power Attacker

 ■ Techno Totem

 ■ Adventure Boar
 ■ Ahni, Assault Hero
 ■ Armored Walker Urherion
 ■ Aura Blast
 ■ Balzark "Fire Blast" Dragon
 ■ Brawler Zyler
 ■ Brocken Vaughan
 ■ Chiza, Anarchy Tank
 ■ Chorochu, Forty Body
 ■ Clap, Guard of Hope
 ■ Clobber Totem
 ■ Crimson Lord Yanus, Temporal Warpanther
 ■ Deis Music, Ranger of Gaia
 ■ Dome Shell
 ■ Einrad, the Centipede Soldier
 ■ Fatal Attacker Horvath
 ■ Fire Sweeper Burning Hellion
 ■ Flame-Absorbing Palm
 ■ Flame Agon, God of Flames
 ■ Forest Sword, Great Hero
 ■ Garabon, the Glider
 ■ Geo Bronze Miracle
 ■ Geron, the Strong
 ■ Gigant, Roaring Car
 ■ Golden Wing Striker
 ■ Haraguro X, Dragon Edge Girl Group
 ■ Hyperspatial Grip Blue Red Hole
 ■ Igars Dragoon
 ■ Jagaimomushi
 ■ Jangaljan, Firespirit Beetle
 ■ Jurinarena, Passion Dragon
 ■ Kaiser "Zanki", Extreme Musha
 ■ Koenig, Burning Ring
 ■ Magma Colossus
 ■ Magmadragon Crimson Thunder
 ■ Mega Scale Dragon
 ■ Metcha-Mecha
 ■ Nepenthes Assault
 ■ Nikka, Guerrilla Division
 ■ Nitro Flag, Sonic
 ■ O'Flame, Temporal Djinn
 ■ O'Flayer, Awakened Djinn of Destruction
 ■ Overborder, the Holy Protector Brave
 ■ Parabellum Dragon
 ■ Paradise Horn
 ■ Pirate Mecha Skullhook
 ■ Pyron, the Battle Dragonic Firespirit
 ■ Pyusen, Stranger of the South Wind
 ■ Rikabu Yanus, Researcher of the Temporal Foundation
 ■ Roaring Great-Horn
 ■ Rockman EXE & Katta
 ■ Rymer Knight
 ■ Sasoris Jr., Savage Guardian
 ■ Seven Star Ladybug
 ■ Severance, the Awakened Giant
 ■ Silver Fist
 ■ Stonesaur
 ■ Terradragon Soulgardas
 ■ Torigara Dashicchi
 ■ Uncomprosing Shallot
 ■ World Tree, Root of Life
 ■ Zantetsu Big Horn, Passion Dragon
 ■ Zettsu, Bird Cage

 ■ Aerodactyl Kooza
 ■ Aggressive Kaiser
 ■ Ambush Scorpion
 ■ Armored Scout Gestuchar
 ■ Badlands Lizard
 ■ Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon
 ■ Carbine, Explosive Fighter
 ■ Carrier Shell
 ■ Chup Second
 ■ Cratersaur
 ■ Deis Gajira, Champion of Chaos
 ■ Deis Kamakiras
 ■ Dodonga Don, Outrage Trick
 ■ Don Katsudon, Outlaw
 ■ Dosukoi
 ■ Drill Rex, Soul Weapon Knight
 ■ Dynamite Peak
 ■ Flame Sword - Pierce Accela
 ■ Flametropus
 ■ Fullmetal Churis
 ■ Great Veggie Fortress - Dandy Paradise
 ■ Gulliver Verdure, the Earth Breaker
 ■ Hysteria Lizard
 ■ Kabuto 1, Armored Insectobeast
 ■ Kamiya Miki Yua Narha, to the Future Beyond
 ■ Kamonegi Pippi
 ■ Katsudon, Kung Fu Dragon
 ■ Kiritorawonga, Myriadblade Violence Elephant
 ■ Legacy Shell
 ■ Little Gunflare, Passion Dragon
 ■ Lukia Lex, Pinnacle Guardian
 ■ Macaron Giant
 ■ Mach Drive
 ■ Macho Melon
 ■ Magic Shot - Better Tomorrow
 ■ Magma Chopster
 ■ Megamusashi Dragonflyer
 ■ Neo Sledgehammer
 ■ Obsidian Scarab
 ■ Otherworldly Warrior Naglu
 ■ Peppi Pepper
 ■ Pokotusu Kabu, Clap Scrap
 ■ Progre Sapphire, Divine Blue Brightness
 ■ Rumble Blade - Raging Zacks
 ■ Shot Wheel of Meizrazen
 ■ Shubain, the Avenger
 ■ Snaptongue Lizard
 ■ Splinterclaw Wasp
 ■ Super Gunner Volgan
 ■ Sword Butterfly
 ■ Terradragon Garagyagas
 ■ Terradragon Regarion
 ■ Tomaton
 ■ Torchclencher
 ■ Toxic Wasp
 ■ Twin Turbo
 ■ Valiant Warrior Exorious
 ■ Vulcanodon, Sharp Gunner
 ■ Whip Scorpion
 ■ Yacky Sticky


  • Multiple instances of "Power Attacker" stack. For example, a creature that has 1000+ power which has a "Power Attacker +1000" and a "Power Attacker +2000" ability gets +3000 power while attacking, resulting in a total of 4000 power (1000+1000+2000).
  • When a Shield with a Shield Trigger ability is broke, the creature with the power attacker ability will still be considered having the same amount of power when attacking until the Shield Trigger is used. (For example, a Fire Sweeper Burning Hellion who breaks a shield with Tornado Flame will be treated as having 5000 power instead of the usual 3000.)
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