Japanflag フェニックス
Phonetic: Fenikkusu
Released In: DM-19 Spectacle Nova
Civilization(s): Light / Water / Darkness / Fire / Nature
Japanese Wiki: 2042
Category for Phoenix.

Phoenix is a race of creature that is shared between all 5 civilizations.


They are always an evolution with the Vortex Evolution or Galaxy Vortex Evolution ability, with the exception of Ultimate Galaxy Universe, which has to be evolved from other Phoenixes and thus is technically above Galaxy Vortex Evolution.

Due to being creatures with a "Vortex Evolution" ability, most Phoenix creatures also feature the Meteorburn ability as well.

The race is featured on a single spell as a subtype; Phoenix Life. This card can also add the race to your other cards.


There are two types of Phoenix in Duel Masters. While the term "Phoenix" usually refers to bird-like creatures, Phoenixes in Duel Masters are not always Bird-like.

The first type of Phoenix is the regular Phoenix, which is a Vortex Evolution creature that is Multicolored and usually highly powerful. This first appeared on Death Phoenix, Avatar of Doom and Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity, which are actually bird-like creatures that are a part of the "Avatars" (In OCG known as "Kings") that attempted to rule the world. This has later been presented on non-avian looking creatures.

The second type of Phoenix is a "Space Phoenix" which is an outer space being that invaded the Duel Masters world that takes various forms, usually surreal-looking. They are named after space objects and have a special artwork border for them which is not present in the new format. They also usually have a Meteorburn ability which makes them difficult to stop or massively powerful. They also seem to have rankings in which the larger ones are called "Supernovas" and smaller ones are called "Asteroids". While thought to be extinct since the Phoenix Saga, they returned in the Sengoku Saga and Divine Evolution Saga.

Ultimate Galaxy Universe is the strongest phoenix which happens to be the universe of Duel Masters itself. While seemingly forgotten by the developers, if the last Phoenix gets released from it, the universe ends. It is unknown if this would become an event of the background story, but if it does it may mean the end of the original Duel Masters series.


Support Card: Card Effect:
Asteroid Luxus, Shower of Light ■ Whenever this creature attacks, you may put a card under this creature into your graveyard. If you do, search your deck. You may take a Dragon or Phoenix from it, show it to your opponent, then put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
Infinity Phoenix, Phoenix of the Dragon Flame ■ Each of your Dragons and Phoenixes in the battle zone can attack untapped creatures.
Loppo Loppo ■ Saver: Phoenix or Dragon creatures
Necrodragon Dobolzack ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, search your deck. You may take a God or Phoenix from it, show that card to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
Ribbidynanz, Forest Singer ■ When this card is put into the battle zone, untap all your Phoenix in the mana zone.
Poppo Juvira, Winged God-destroyer ■ Whenever you summon an evolution Phoenix, you may put it on top of creatures from your graveyard instead of creatures in the battle zone.

Creatures that evolve from Phoenixes:

Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Ultimate Galaxy Universe 1x Phoenix

Cards that are supported by Phoenixes

Card: Card Effect:
The Universe Gate ■ Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. For each Phoenix creature revealed, take an extra turn after this one.




  • This race and King Command Dragon are the only two races where there are two different types of creatures sharing the same race.