Passionate Narrator
Passionate narrator.jpg
Civilization(s) FireFire.png
Voice Actor 佐藤せつじ
Setsuji Satō
Signature Card(s) Mega Narrator Dragon,Himself

Passionate Narrator was first introduced in the Duel Masters Versus season of the Duel Masters Anime.


A half-naked man with two extremely long red braided ponytails. He wears only a necktie, collar and a pair of pants. He has an "S" marked on his forehead.

Duel Masters Versus

He makes his formal appearance in episode 34 as a host for a talk show and the Duel Masters National Tournament Finals. During the talk show, he showed the details as well the dueling styles and ace creatures of each of the 8 finalists. He chatted with Katta Kirifuda and Hokaben during the talk show, however, Katta was unable to say anything until the last minute of the interview.

During the national tournament, he picked the match-ups in random. He was also in charge of explaining the duel and its progress. His first match-up pick is Katta vs Komei. After Komei's defeat by Katta and his cheating scheme was exposed, he kicked Komei out of the competition for breaking the rules of Duel Masters and tells the audience to follow the rules. His second match-up pick is Benchan vs Lucifer.

During the 3-on-3 New Year exhibition match, he explained the rules of the team match and introducing their special guests that are watching the match, Duel Hero Yuu, Duel Hero Atsuto, Dragon Ryu, Oka Reiko and Susan, whom had helped Shobu and Katta in the past. In the middle of the match, like the audience, he was also surprised that the duel table explodes.

He then picked the rest of the match-ups; Sasori vs Kojiro, Hokaben vs Gyou. After the Quarter-Finals, he then picks the match-up of the remaining finalists for the Semi-Finals; Katta vs Gyou, Kojiro vs Lucifer. In the finals, he follows the finalists to the duel location; the summit of Mount Fuji and explains the follow-up of the match. After Katta was declared the champion, he presents the prizes to the top 3 finalists.

Duel Masters Versus Revolution

He appears randomly in different episodes, showing recaps of the previous events. He also explains the basics of Duel Masters card game, important mechanics and terms.

His actual duel debut in episode 45, during the Valentine's Day special. He duels Kojiro, overwhelming him in the beginning stages. He eventually saves himself from a direct attack through Iron Fist of Revolution on his hand as the card was taken during the shield check. He then uses Mega Narrator Dragon to secure the win by its Revolution ability to attack again.


He uses a Fire Revolutionary deck in his first duel.


  • Considering that he can defeat even Kojiro, his skill level might be decent, although Kojiro is weaker in VSR than he does in VS.

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