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オーバーキル (Ōbākiru)
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Overkill in gameplay terms has two separate meanings:

First Meaning

Excess usage of creatures or spells, generally when one is about to win but makes a move that is excess and is not needed, generally to humiliate the opponent even more. For example, a player might be winning with an Ryusei Kaiser, the Eternal in the battle zone giving all his creatures Speed Attacker, then summons Überdragon Bajulaterra in order to remove all of the opponent's mana. This is usually considered undesirable and is almost the same as Stalling the timer in official events.

Second Meaning

A type of creature or spell whose effect is overly difficult to trigger but once it has, the results are devastating. Usually truth is better than romance and in competitive metagame it is advised to act as fast as possible to defeat the opponent. And as a result, these cards are considered slow and unstable in today's high-speed environment. Due to this, using them in Competitive Metagames are not recommended. However, they can be used in Fun, Non-Competitive decks for romance.

The following are examples of Overkill cards:


  • Overkill Zero Dragon is not overkill despite what its name might suggest.
  • A creature with absurdly high power is not considered to be overkill, as power is often irrelevant to a creature's card competitiveness in this game.