• This creature is depicted on various cards.
  • This creature has a DG version based on it, Ov Sidia DG.
  • This creature has a Sabakist version, Ov Sidia Calibur.
  • Despite this creature's appearance resembles a Darkness Civilization creature, it is actually mono-light.
  • In the anime Kira made a pact with this creature which began as a black blank card. However, when he casted Novalty Amaze during a "True Duel" with Boltz it transforms into a real card and defeats Boltz easily.
    • In the anime it spoke to Kira at first, but when it materializes into the battle zone, it's only diaogue consists of roaring.
    • However, in Episode 22, It spoke in a female voice before going into the creature world to attack Boltz.
  • In the Anime, the blank card of Bad Brand is red like the civilization itself while the blank card that formed this creature is black instead of yellow.
  • Multiple Orlilia, Flash of Justice can be seen in this card's Secret Artworks.
  • This creature design resembles Emrakul, an Eldrazi Titan from Magic: the Gathering.
    • It also resembles Vaati from The Legend of Zelda.

Ov Sidia
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