Outrage OMG
Japanflag アウトレイジOMG
Phonetic: Autoreiji OMG
Released In: DMR-12 Episode 3: Omega Climax
Civilization(s): Fire
Group of Races: Outrage
Japanese Wiki: 7161
Category for Outrage OMG.

Outrage OMG is a race of Outrage creature in the Fire Civilization.


It follows the story of the Outrage MAX exile creature of Katsudon, who has obtained the power of the Rage Crystal and Oracle Jewel in order to battle God Izumo.


This race only appears on one Victory Rare exile creature, Katsumugen, Climax.


See also: Outrage

Outrage OMG are affected by all cards that affect Outrages, but currently there are no cards or evolution creatures that specify Outrage OMG.

List of Outrage OMG creatures




  • Unlike the God Nova OMG (ゴッド・ノヴァ OMG) race, no space is given between the アウトレイジ and OMG of this race.
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