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Outrage MAX
Japanflag.png アウトレイジMAXマックス
Jackie, Infinity Beat artwork.jpg
Phonetic: Autoreiji MAX
Released In: Promotional
Civilization(s): Light Light.png
Darkness Darkness.png
Fire Fire.png
Nature Nature.png
Race Category: Outrage
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Category: Outrage MAX

Outrage MAX is a race of Outrage creature shared between each of the 5 monocolored civilizations.


In DMR-10 Dead & Beat, a new watermark is introduced onto creatures with the Outrage MAX race. In DMR-11 Ultra Victory Master, the Infinity Stamp is introduced onto a spell card, Ultimate Outrage Legend.

This is known as an Infinity Stamp Infinity Stamp.png and is located above the artist's name on a card.

Cards with this stamp feature abilities that have to do with Infinite. For example, Jackie, Infinity Beat's ability requires the opponent's spells to cost infinity mana to cast.


Outrage MAX are affected by all cards that affect Outrages, but currently there are no cards or evolution creatures that specify Outrage MAX.

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  • This was the first race in the OCG to include Roman characters, and a rare example of Roman characters used with no accompanying katakana supertitles.
  • Apart from the promotional version of Nine, Zero Zero, all Outrage MAX creatures of all rarities feature full card art with no card frames.