Original English Card
(Eigo-ban Orijinaru Kādo)
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Original English Cards are cards in the Duel Masters trading card game that have only been released in the English printing of the game.


While cards such as Storm Javelin Wyvern and Cursed Totem exist in reduced versions in the English tcg in the form of Ruthless Skyterror and Cryptic Totem, they were still released in the equivalent set and rarity. Original Cards have no such Japanese printing. This is also true for Intense Evil, Cranium Clamp, Armored Groblav and Thought Probe.

English cards can't be used in official tournament play in Japan and are considered a "Disabled Card", but can be used in casual play between willing participants.

While Tatsurion was printed in partial English (name and flavor text) in DMX-12 Black Box Pack, it is still considered to be a Japanese card due to the set it was released in as well as having the full Japanese text intact on the rest of the card.

List of Cards

McDonalds Promotion

Holiday Cards

Other Promotion

English Altered Cards

All of these cards (with the exception of Storm Javelin Wyvern) later became promotional Japanese cards due to the Japanese versions being put on the Hall of Fame.

English Printing: Original Card:
Brain Serum Cyber Brain
Thought Probe Deep Operation
Marinomancer Aquan
Astral Warper Astral Reef
Ruthless Skyterror Storm Javelin Wyvern
Cranium Clamp Skeleton Vice
Cryptic Totem Cursed Totem
Psychic Shaper Streaming Shaper
Future Slash Hell Slash
Intense Evil Wicked Soul Reincarnation

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