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The mystery of the jewel leads to faith, it is the power to rule the world. -『Book of Oracle』
Japanflag.png オラクル
Phonetic: Orakuru
Released In: DMX-13 White Zenith Pack
Civilization(s): All civilizations.
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Category: Oracle

Oracle is a race of creature shared between each of the 5 civilizations as well as on Zero Civilization cards.


The races of Oracle and Outrage appeared 10,000 years after the events of Episode 2 and war off against each other.

The Oracles appeared in the anime series Duel Masters Victory V3 as antagonists. They are the second line of antagonists who are creatures themselves, the first being the "Diabolos" Line of Zeta creatures.


Other Oracle races include;


Oracles are named after various sources according to their civilizations;

Civilization: Nomenclature:
LightLight.png Clothing and Textiles.
WaterWater.png Food and Beverages.
DarknessDarkness.png Spices, Sweeteners and Herbs.
FireFire.png Ghost and Spirits.
NatureNature.png Words relating to nature.
Zero Zero.png Religion (mainly Buddhism)

There were originally 7 different ranks of Oracle creatures in the background story.

  1. Canon — カノン
  2. Messiah — メシア
  3. Izanai — イザナイ
  4. Satori — サトリ
  5. Inga — インガ
  6. Shinri — シンリ

The 7th rank refers to Oracles that don't follow one of the above 6 ranks. 3 ranks were later introduced.

  1. Mantra — マントラ
  2. Familia — ファミリア
  3. Karma — カルマ


Oracles had differing abilities based on their nomenclature.

Rank: Ability:
Inga Light, Darkness, Colorless and God ability.
Satori Ability for colorless cards.
Izanai Ability to play a creature for no cost.
Messiah Ability to recruit multiple creatures.
Canon Ability to increase or decrease you or your opponents hand.
Mantra Abilities for Oracles.
Karma Ability to restrict specific behavior.
Shinri Ability that is colorless and doesn't correspond to other ranks.
No Rank Ability that doesn't correspond to other ranks other than colorless.



Cards that support Oracles

Support Card: Effect:
Carina, Izanai's Mantra Kourin—At the end of your turn, if this creature is tapped, search your deck. You may put a Oracle that costs 6 or less from among it into the battle zone. Then shuffle your deck.
Frill, Mantra's Compassion ■ During your opponent's turn, your Oracles in the battle zone get +3000 power.
Shantsuai, Inga's Transgression ■ While battling, your Gods and Oracles get +3000 power.
Shiranui, Mantra's Roaring ■ Each of your Oracles in the battle zone gets "speed attacker".
Stroganoff, Mantra of Flashing Seal ■ Each of your Oracles in the battle zone gets "slayer"
■ Whenever one of your Oracles would be destroyed, return them to your hand instead.
Ultra Knight Punk, Shentury ■ When you summon this creature into the battle zone or put it into the battle zone by "Doron Go", put all Oracles, Death Puppets and Outrages that cost 7 or less from your graveyard into the battle zone.
Vossradish, Mantra's Admiral ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. You may put any Oracles revealed this way into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.


Cards supported by Oracles

Supported Card: Effect:
Brahmin, Mantra Pope ■ For each of your other Oracles in the battle zone, this creature gets +5000 power and breaks an additional shield.
■ When this creature would be destroyed, you may destroy one of your other Oracles instead.
Emotional Hardcore, Sacred Dragon ■ Whenever your opponent would choose a creature, this creature can't be chosen if you have other Oracles in the battle zone.

Evolution Creatures

Creatures that evolve from Oracles

Evolution Creature: Evolves from:
Zorro A Star, Mantra's Prison Break Evolution—Put on one of your Oracles.




  • This race should not be confused with the race with the race of Light Bringer who have "the Oracle" as part of their card nomenclature.