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相手 (Aite)

An Opponent is the human player you are playing a game of Duel Masters against.


In an official game, there are only two players (yourself and your opponent) playing against each other in a single game or a best of three match.

In the English terminology, they are referred to as "opponent" rather than "enemy player", due to the nuance of using "opponent" for competition sports, in comparison to "enemy" (often used in warfare).

  • In other card games such Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh!, there are cards such as 'Mind Control' or 'Brain Control', respectively that allow you to take control of your opponent's creatures, switching them onto your side of the field. In Duel Masters, there are no abilities that let you do this.
  • In multiplayer casual formats, any number of players is possible. In this case, any other player not considered an ally (for team games such as 2v2), is also considered your opponent.
  • For card abilities such as Mana Crisis that would remove a card from your opponents mana zone would require to specify a single opponent.

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