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Japanflag.png 鬼タイム (Onitaimu)
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Released: DMRP-13 Kirifuda x Onifuda King Wars!!!
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Onitime is an ability word.


It is exclusive to cards with the Onifuda Kingdom Onifuda Kingdom.png race.

The ability is able to trigger while you and your opponent have a combined total of 6 or less shields in your shield zones. This includes the following combinations;

Your shields: Opponent's shields:
6 0
5 1
4 2
3 3
2 4
1 5
0 6

It's best used with cards that have a Shield Recovery or Self Shield Burn effect.

It later received a Oniend variant that could be used if either player had no shields.

It has synergy with the abilities belonging to other races in the TK.png Ten Kings block, including;

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for Onitime reads;

Onitime.png Onitime: If you and your opponent have a total of 6 or less shields, "EFFECT"


10 Jaouga, Oniga Overlord
Darkness Darkness.png Fire Fire.png / Creature
Demonio + Onifuda Kingdom Onifuda Kingdom.png

Onitime.png Onitime: If you and your opponent have a total of 6 or less shields, this creature costs 5 less to summon.

■ Speed attacker

■ Triple breaker

■ This creature can't leave the battle zone during the turn it was summoned.

■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, destroy all creatures.

Cards with the Onitime ability





Cards that support Onitime

Support Card: Card Effect:
Demonio's Oniclock ■ This turn, use your "Onitime" abilities as if you and your opponent have a total of 6 or less shields.


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from the Duel Masters Official Homepage.
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  • Q:「シールドプラス」などの効果で2枚のカードが重なっているシールドは、「鬼タイム」で数える時にどうしますか?
    • A:カードが複数枚重なっていても、1つのシールドとして扱います。
  • Q:相手のシールドが5つ、自分のシールドが2つの状態で、自分のシールドが1つブレイクされました。手札に加えたカードが《襲来、鬼札王国!》で、その「S・トリガー」を使う場合、「鬼タイム」時の能力を使えますか?
    • A: はい、使えます。《襲来、鬼札王国!》を唱える時点でのシールドの総数は6つですので、「鬼タイム」であるとして両方の能力を使うことができます。