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Old Frame
旧枠 (Kyū Waku)
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Old Frame is the original card frame that was used from the start of the game DM-01, to the end of the Psychic Shock.


The mana cost is a part of the frame border itself. In a black frame, it is written in white letters and in a silver frame, it is written in black. On multicolored cards, stripes that indicate the civilization are shown in this area. The card name area doesn't have a whiter background like the newer frame.

The evolution icon of an evolution creature is written just to the left of the card type (shifting to the upper left in the new frame).

The older frame used a light blue color for cards in the Water Civilization, with a darker shade being used on the new frame. Other colors also have slightly lighter shades than their newer frame versions.

Due to the small details indicating the civilizations of a card, cards with more than 2 civilizations (usually 3) were hard to distinguish.

Spell is the only card type to have a design different from the other card types such as Creature, Cross Gear or Castle. The shape of the text frame and card pattern are different, and there is no large civilization watermark in the text box.

On the older frame, cards with a Full Frame illustration, the card name and race area of the frame could differ depending on the card type. This also occurred on Psychic Super Creatures in the new frame, but has been removed on other full frame cards.

After Episode 1, only cards with the new frame have been printed, so it can be difficult to obtain the older frame with new products.