Official Legend Book
Duel Masters Official Legend Book
Release: November 9th, 2009
Author: Shigenobu Matsumoto
Kikuti Osamu
Booktype: Paperback
Pages: 176
Publisher: CoroCoro Comics

Official Legend Book is a book published by CoroCoro Comics.


  • This book was released as a pair, Official Legend Book and Official Art Book.

Book Contents




有名イラストレーターの素晴らしいカードイラストばかりを集めた画集と、 詳細な設定・描き方を掲載したテクニックブックが2冊1組となって、 豪華ケースに入ったアートブックです!

Great illustration and history of the legendary creatures from the first season to cross. The animators coolest illustration with every detail imaginable. Also find out will the legend continue and will it still evolve. Witness the journey of the artists who have made these line by line and then the people who present their work in great effects. Watch step by step illustrations of ADAM, EVE, Uberdragons and ultimate evolution and many more.

All of them shown in there basic drafts and the pen points used with them and then they come to bloom with the sparks of colors and then with the effects they come beyond expectations. Don't miss it if you are a hardcore Duel Master and want to know how it began.


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