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オブジェクト (Obujekuto)
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Object is a rules term, representing a 'single object'.


Although a game of Duel Masters is played using cards, not all objects in the game are represented by a single card.

For example, an evolution creature is treated as a "creature", but also as "multiple cards". However, it is clearly distinguished from being just a single card due to the evolution source card.

List of Objects

The following objects exist in each zone.


  • Each card


  • Each card

Mana Zone

  • Each card

Anywhere Zone

Battle Zone

Shield Zone

  • Each shield
  • Each Castles that fortify shields


  • Each card

Hyperspatial Zone

  • Each card

Super Gacharange Zone

  • Each card


Link is a keyword action that can attach specific cards to each other side by side and treating them as a singular object.

This can appear on God creatures (and God Nova / God Nova OMG) as well as Psychic and Dragheart cells.


In zones where cards aren't treated a singular object, one card is synonymous with one object.

This applies to your hand, deck, mana zone, graveyard and hyperspatial zone.

4 Super Phantom Lion's Flame
Fire Fire.png / Spell

Shield Trigger Shield trigger (When this spell is put into your hand from your shield zone, you may cast it immediately for no cost.)

■ Choose one of your opponents cards in the battle zone that costs 4 or less. If its a creature, destroy it. Otherwise, put it into its owner's graveyard.

Destroy refers to "put a creature object in the battle zone into the graveyard", so if its a creature, its not a "card".

6 The Universe Gate
Fire Fire.png / Spell

■ Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. For each Phoenix creature revealed, take an extra turn after this one.

As it refers to creatures, even if you add Phoenix to a cardtype by Universe Lapia, the card wont be counted.