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nuisuke is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by nuisuke

Cards illustrated under the name of "Nuisuke".

 ■ */ Kobitro, Nigen /*
 ■ Bachio Sensei, Unforgiving of Shakapachi
 ■ Balbalbalchu
 ■ Belladoane, Immortal Faerie
 ■ Belladonna, Demon Faerie
 ■ Darthshigikei
 ■ Dondodo Doramusko
 ■ Gal Morgani
 ■ Hettle and Fettle
 ■ Lifeplan Charger
 ■ Mikuru, Future Faerie / Miracle Brain
 ■ Nasuloscha, Flashy Doll
 ■ Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush
 ■ Prince
 ■ Tom's Jelly
 ■ Zombieponnosuke

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