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Nottsuo is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.


He was one of a few Duel Masters artists to help illustrate Magic: The Gathering's Japan-influenced Kamigawa block (October 2004 - June 2005), where he illustrated one of the set's marquee legendary dragon creatures, Ryusei, the Falling Star (as well as its promotional alternate art version). He was one of the even fewer crossover artists to have actually debuted in the preceding Mirrodin block.

List of cards illustrated by Nottsuo

Cards illustrated under the name of "Nottsuo".

 ■ Astral Tempest
 ■ Aura Blast
 ■ Auzesu, Demonic Elemental
 ■ Avalanche Giant
 ■ Balmantis Worm, Parasite of Death
 ■ Baragamago, Evil Strike Sword
 ■ Batias, the Patroller
 ■ Bell Hell De Skull, Moon Reaper
 ■ Blaze, the Super Soul
 ■ Bone Assassin, the Ripper
 ■ Cannoneer Bargon
 ■ Chaos Worm
 ■ Codename Snake
 ■ Critical Blade
 ■ Cyclone Totem
 ■ Dark Reversal
 ■ Deathliger, Lion of Chaos
 ■ Deis Chicken Racer, Evil Battler
 ■ Demonic Protector
 ■ Dokameshi Giant
 ■ Dolgeza, Veteran of Hard Battle
 ■ Dondon Vacuuming Now
 ■ Emperor Cebu Marco X
 ■ Estol, Vizier of Aqua
 ■ Evil Incarnate
 ■ Flame Trooper Goliac
 ■ Fuuma Beelzebub
 ■ Fuuma Samijal
 ■ Garkago Dragon
 ■ Gashi Gashi, the Brave Puppet
 ■ Gigagrau
 ■ Giganima, the Reaper
 ■ Glena Vuele, the Hypnotic
 ■ Gray Balloon, Shadow of Greed
 ■ Hundred Barrel Dragon
 ■ Lambor Man
 ■ Metal Cook, the Exploding Flame Chef
 ■ Mollusk Pirate
 ■ Necrodragon Bagrazard
 ■ Pandeeta, Windbreaking Vizier
 ■ Paradise Aroma
 ■ Pekotan
 ■ Phantasmal Horror Gigazald
 ■ Rimuel, Cloudbreak Elemental
 ■ Rocketdive Skyterror
 ■ Rose Totem
 ■ Serial Dragon Formation
 ■ Sickle Nature
 ■ Siri, Glory Elemental
 ■ Smash Warrior Stagrandu
 ■ Snakeman Dragoon
 ■ Soul Stealing Vacuum
 ■ Splash Axe, the Aqua Savage
 ■ Splinterclaw Wasp
 ■ Supernova Black Hole Thanatos
 ■ Tempest Baby
 ■ Toxic Vibe
 ■ Trenchdive Shark
 ■ Windy Nature, the Whirlwind
 ■ Zandaba, the Hidden Strongarm


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