Non Creature
ノンクリーチャー (Non Kurīchā)
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Non Creature is a specification for decks where they don't use creatures at all.


It is usually more common in Magic: The Gathering in comparison to Duel Masters, due to the amount of cards with Alternate Win conditions, as well as Deck-out being easier to use. As the gameplay uses "Life" instead of shields, this allows you to also be able to win the game with spells that deal damage to your opponents life.

  • However, in Duel Masters, the basic victory condition is a Direct Attack, which is difficult in a spell only deck as you can only attack with creature cards.

Also, only creatures currently have Alternate Win conditions, so non-attacking methods aren't viable either.

Due to this, the common method for a non-creature deck to win a game is to focus on deck out, with cards that reduce the number of cards in your opponent's deck with cards such as Transmogrify or Bloody Cross.

There are some decks that only use 4 creatures (4 copies of a single card) such as Spell Great Blue, Blue Divine Dragon and 36 spells, or Unryu, Sumo Doctor and 36 Cross Gear.

After DM-36 Psychic Shock, you can use Psychic Creatures by putting them into the battle zone without needing to put creatures in your deck itself. Although it is debatable whether this should be called Non Creature.

The deck type has a weakness to Volg Thunder because, with no creatures in your deck at all, you will be forced to mill each card in your deck. If your opponent is using Cyber N World or Forever Princess, Eternal Ruler these deck out methods can prove useless.

DMR-19 Forbidden Dokindam X introduced Forbidden ~The Sealed X~ where you can form an (almost) non-creature deck without relying on the hyperspatial zone. Seals can be removed from spells such as Liberation of the End or All Delete without requiring Command creatures to be summoned.

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