No Race
無種族 (Mu Shuzoku)
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No Race is a term for creatures that don't have a race.


With the exception of 1 card, each creature that has no race is related to Forbidden, as well as being from the fire civilization (except VV-8, Forbidden Machine). They either feature "Forbidden" in their name, or have a Forbidden card type such as Forbidden Creature.


Fire / Creature / 9 / 9999
■ Creatures can't attack.

■ Seals can't be removed from creatures.

Creatures with no race began to appear after the above card in DMR-18 Seize the Moment, Miradante!!, with all creatures released before it with one or more races.

Because they are no races, they have the following effects in the game.

  • Some of the Forbidden cards have a card name that spans two lines. If they do, the second line of text will appear be smaller, but not as much as a race usually is in the game frame, to not be accidentally mistaken for it. As previously mentioned, all of the forbidden cards have no races.

List of creatures with No Race

Forbidden Creature

Forbidden Creature on one side only

Forbidden, regular-creature


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