No Choice
Japanflag ノー・チョイス (Nō Choisu)
DM-37 Dark Emperor
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No Choice is a keyword exclusive to the Darkness Civilization.


It is exclusive to creatures with a Bloodysoul Bloody Soul.

As it cares about either player having no cards in their hand, you can use Self Discard or Card Discard abilities in order to fulfill the requirements.

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for No Choice reads;

No Choice (If any player has no cards in his hand, this creature gets the following Nochoice ability.)


5 Provents, Duke of Deprivation
Darkness / Creature
Dark Lord


No Choice (If any player has no cards in hishand, this creature gets the following Nochoice ability.)

Nochoice Whenever this creature attacks, this turn, one of your opponent's creatures gets -2000 power. (A creature that has power 0 or less is destroyed.)
Bloodysoul Bloody Soul

Cards with the No Choice ability


  • Q: How do I use "No Choice"?
    • A: Creatures with "No Choice" have Nochoice ability on them. Count the amount of cards in each player's hand. If both players have at least 1 card in their hands, ignore this ability. If either you or your opponent have no cards in their hand(s), that creature can use its Nochoice ability.
  • Q: Both players have no cards in their hand. Does my creature with "No Choice" gain its Nochoice ability?
    • A: Yes, if at least one of the players doesn't have any cards in their hand, your "No Choice" creature can use their Nochoice ability.

Color percentages

There are a total of 4 cards with the No Choice ability, which divide by civilization as such:

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