Nine Extremes Invasion
九極侵略 (Kyukyoku Shinryaku)
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Nine Extremes Invasion is a combo deck type.


It is a variation of Heaven's Gate Blockers with a focus on 9 cost light commands. The objective is to send out cost 9 light commands as fast as possible and use invasion on them to send out powerful cost 9 evolution creatures to control the field. Due to most of its cards costing a hefty 9, this deck has seen little to no competitive use, but if one manages to pull off at least one Invasion, they might be able to turn the tides in their favor.

Core Cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
G.O.D., Extreme Invasion Core card. Spams cost 9 creatures.
Gio, Super Seven Extremes Has no Invasion, but if you have more cost 9 cards, you can summon it easily and use G.O.D.'s invasion on it without delay.
Chutopia, Super Nine Extremes
Momotarus, Super Nine Extremes
Cost 9 Invasion baits for G.O.D.; Momotarus can also spam non-evolution creatures with cost 9. Do not use Chutopia along with Momotarus as their effects contradict with each other.
Dueangel, Nine Extremes Prevents casting non-light spells with a small demerit.
Saruiel, Six Extremes Tap the opponent's creatures.
Katsbee, Five Extremes Hand and shield addition.
Kijitron, Four Extremes Most reliable cost 9 Angel Command invasion bait because of its Mana Arms.
Shibainu, Two Extremes Cost 9 creature, can come out quicker due to Strike Back.
Mauchu, One Extreme Cost 9 creature, can come out quicker due to shield trigger. It may be useless due to this and rendered as a Quasi-Vanilla.
Ultimate Gate Bring out 1 cost 9 creature.

Cost 9 Blocker Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Milzam, Spirit of Miracles Ultra Shield Plus and blocker.
Valhalla Paladin, Sealing Dragon Elemental Shield addition and freeze.
Velvet, Flash Priest Tap-in, blocker.
Holy, Flash Guardian Shield trigger blocker with a Spark effect.
Saint Maria, Light Weapon Hunter blocker untap and shield addition.
Knights of Cobalt, Protean Elemental Beatstick blocker that mills the opponent and can cast his spells.

Other Creature Candidates

Codeking Number Nine
Spell Del Fin, Light Divine Dragon
Prevents the opponent from casting spells with no demerits.
Lionel, Lion Zenith Dragon Pseudo-escape. Gives shield trigger to all your light cards.
Trueangel Leo the Star Angel Command evolution with cost 9. Grants removal resistance to other Angel Commands.
El Dorado, Spirit of Taiga Forced attack and possible shield trigger usage.
Zardia, Bloody Winds Elemental Sympathy for Angel Commands.
Saint Bolshack, Spiritual Dragon Cost reduction for each Angel Command in your graveyard, strong speed attacker.
King of Galaxy, Destruction Awakened Removal resistant psychic creature. Once awakened grants blocker to all your creatures.
King Poisonous Mushroom Massive Mana Acceleration in an early turn.
The=Deadman, Dragon Edge / Niga=Abushumu, Invasive Mystery Add all civilizations to your mana zone and ease the summoning of your 9 cost creatures. Niga=Abushumu is not recommended to be dragsolutioned.
Sword Saint Jigen, Awoken Dragon World
Glenmalt "Blade", King Dragon Edge
Additional Dragheart support.
Codeking Wilhelm Creature removal, mana burn and Mana Acceleration.

Spell Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Heaven's Gate Core spell, bring out 2 blockers.
Angel Feather
Justice Plan
Light hand replenishment.
Aquan Jr.'s Delivery
Cyber Book
Water hand replenishment.
Glory Snow Conditional Mana Acceleration.
Panic Room
Super Eternal Spark
Creature removal shield triggers.
Miraculous Snare Hall of Fame cheap removal.
Hyperspatial Shiny Hole
Hyperspatial Dravita Hole
Bring out Galaxy, Temporal Immortal.
Sanctuary of the Mother Combo with Galaxy to bring out G.O.D. quicker.
Huge Blueprint
Evolution Blueprint
Nature spells granting hand replenishment.
Dance of the Sproutlings Adds Angel Commands from your hand to the mana zone.
Faerie Life Classic Mana Acceleration.
Seventh Tower
Gachinko Roulette
Hall of Fame Mana Acceleration spells.
Evolution Burst - Into the Wild Massive Mana Acceleration.
Phoenix Life Shield and mana increase.
Hyperspatial Green White Hole Bring out Prin Prin, the Victorious for shield addition and mana recovery, or bring out Cheval, Temporal Demon Spirit if you have enough Angel Commands out.
Miraculous Truce Stop the opponent's creatures from attacking. Complete lock to mono civilization decks.

How to use

While Kijitron, Four Extremes is the best way to start the game, it is rather slow and thus hand replenishment and mana acceleration beforehand are preferable. If the opponent uses a beatdown deck, the player can respond with Shibainu, Two Extremes's Strike Back or Heaven's Gate's shield trigger.

Once you have the desired cost 9 creatures out, attack and use Invasion to evolve them into stronger finishers like Chutopia, Super Nine Extremes or Momotarus, Super Nine Extremes, which outclass most creatures in terms of power. Next turn, attack with the evolution creature and evolve it into G.O.D., Extreme Invasion, then spam your entire battle zone with cost 9 creatures which will seal your victory. Although G.O.D.'s Invasion requirements are somewhat harsh, if pulled out they will be very rewarding.


At its basis it is a gimmick strategy and as such it falls victim to many anti-meta strategies, especially those of stronger controls. Since it is a Heaven's Gate Blockers deck, it is an easy prey for discards. Furthermore, Oriotis, Control Wings can put a stop to cost trampling cost 9 blockers via Heaven's Gate, as well as to Kijitron's Mana Arms and Gio, Super Seven Extremes's cost reduction, so additional early removal would be preferred.


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