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New Frame
新枠 (Shin Waku)
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New Frame is a term used for the card frame on cards after the Psychic Shock.

Episode 1 ~ Revolution Final

This frame was introduced during Episode 1 and continued until Revolution Final.

Since the mana cost symbol was separated from the rest of the card frame, players began to call it a "Round Frame". The text box around the card received a boundary frame to separate it from the rest of the card frame. This area is whiter with a black name, while colorless cards have a blackened background with the name in white characters.

The Mana Number displayed in the frame was the same round shape, only changing for Mana Reburst and multicolored cards.

Since there is no change that effects the characteristics of the card or the game rules themselves, the design of the back side of the card remains unchanged. A deck with both older and newer frame cards causes no rule violations.

The evolution icon on evolution creatures was written on the upper left of the card type line (on the older frame, it was immediately to the left.)

The colors of the new frame are a clearer color.

The frame of the illustration was also wider, allowing certain aspects of previously printed artworks to display new details.

The frame type of the card is divided by the Card Type, and even a full frame card can be distinguished here.

As colorless cards only appeared in the Card Game after changing to this design, there are no colorless cards in the older frame. This is also true for Victorycards.

In the older frame, some promotional cards were stamped with letters, but in the newer frame, the whole card has received foil processing.

Different variations of this frame also existed, with a "black frame", "silver frame", "metal frame", a zigzag line (DMX-13 White Zenith Pack), "black line" with dragon foil process (DMX-17), and a red frame (DMR-17 Legend Cards).


This is the third generation of card frames, after the Episode 1 ~ Revolution Final frame.

There was no change in being a "Round frame", but the mana cost icon has become smaller than the second frame. The card margin on the border of the card was shrunk, increasing the visual space of the illustration and card text area. Copyright credits such as Wizards of the Coast that were previously written in the lower right had been changed to be written vertically along the lower right of that border.

The Jokers Civilization appeared, with a change to the darker grey color previously used on Zero Civilization becoming a light and plainer design. However, this also hindered the recognition of Jokers being colorless cards.

For multicolored cards, the boundary of the civilizations within the round frame became separated by a curved line. The background color of the entire card has changed from a rainbow color, regardless of the combination of its civilizations, to now only being a mixture of its respective civilizations.