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Neo Evolution Creature
(NEO Shinka Kurīchā)
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Neo Evolution Creature is a Neo evolution card type.


This card type was introduced in DMRP-01 Here Come the Jokers!!.

When you put a Neo Creature into the battle zone, you have the choice of putting them on another one of your creatures. If you do, it's treated as a Neo Evolution Creature. This allows it to attack immediately. It also can trigger certain effects.

The player cannot transform a Neo Creature into a Neo Evolution creature by putting creatures under it using cards like Time Changer, Space-Time Engineer as Neo Creatures without cards under it aren't considered evolution creatures.

Due to the duality of the ability, there are no creatures with a printed Neo Evolution Creature card type.


  • Q: What happens if I put a Neo Creature into the battle zone without putting a creature underneath it?
    • A: It stays as a Neo Creature, and as isn't an evolution creature, it has summoning sickness.