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Neo Creature
(NEO Kurīchā)
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Neo Creature is Neo creature card type.


It was introduced in DMRP-01 Here Come the Jokers!!.

When you put a Neo Creature into the battle zone, you have the choice of putting it on another one of your creatures. If you do, it's treated as an Neo Evolution Creature. This allows it to be able to attack immediately and trigger certain abilities that are only active while they are a Neo Evolution Creature.

Additionally, Neo Evolution Creatures can be used as an Evolution Source for creatures with the Ultimate evolution keyword.

List of Neo Creatures


(These cards are an example of Neo Creature cards from DMRP-01.)


  • For a full list of cards that support Neo Creatures, see here.


  • Q: What kind of card is this?
    • A: Neo Creatures are a kind of creature, usually treated like a normal creature. However, when you put them into the battle zone you may treat them as an evolution creature by using the Neo Evolution keyword.
  • Q: When this creature is not in the battle zone, is it an "evolution creature" or a "non-evolution creature"?
    • A: This card is only treated as an "evolution creature" when it is in the battle zone with a creature card underneath it, such as from using the Neo Evolution ability. While it is in other zones, it is treated only as a "non-evolution creature".
  • Q: Can it attack right away when you use the Neo Evolution ability?
    • A: Yes, if you use the Neo Evolution ability, it will be treated as an "evolution creature", and can attack on the same turn you put it into the battle zone. If for some reason it has no cards under it after you put it into the battle zone as an evolution creature, it will be unable to attack as its no longer an evolution creature.
  • Q: I added a card underneath one of my Neo Creatures in a way other than Neo Evolution. Can I treat this creature as an evolution creature?
    • A: Yes. As long as you have a card underneath it, it is treated as an "evolution creature".