• Q: After I put this creature into the battle zone, do I put all my shields into my hand at once, or do I add them to my hand one at a time? Do I have to use their "shield trigger" abilities in order?
    • A: After you put this creature into the battle zone, first put all your shields into your hand. Keep careful track of them so you don't confuse them with cards that were already in your hand. Then you can use the "shield trigger" abilities of the cards you put into your hand, one at a time, in any order you choose. Each "shield trigger" spell or creature you choose must finish before you can use another "shield trigger" ability. If a spell (like Upheaval) makes any of those "shield trigger" cards leave your hand before you get a chance to choose them, you can no longer summon or cast them.

Necrodragon Bryzenaga
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