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Natural Snare
Natural Snare
Japanflag Phonetic: Nachuraru Torappu (Natural Trap)
Civilization: Nature Nature
Card Type: Spell
Mana Cost: 6
English Text:

​​Shield Trigger Shield trigger (When this spell is put into your hand from your shield zone, you may cast it for no cost.)

■ Choose one of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone and put it into his mana zone.

Japanese Text:

Shield Trigger S・トリガー (この呪文をシールドゾーンから手札に加える時、コストを支払わずにすぐ唱えてもよい)

■ バトルゾーンにある相手のクリーチャーを1体選び、持ち主のマナゾーンに置く。

Flavor Texts: 絡まり伸びるツタがやっと動きを止めると、そこには新たな丘ができていた。When the tangled and extending ivy finally ceased its movement, a new hill had formed there. (DMC-33)
罠にはまった者たちは、夜の森で生きる屍と化す。 Those who get ensnared turn into the Forest of the Night's living dead. (DMC-59, DMC-61, DMX-02, DMPCD-03)
大地が生み出す罠にかかった者は、大地に還る、それがサダメ…。Those caught in the traps created by the earth shall return to the earth; that is fate... (DMD-01)
ぶっちゃけ, 土に還るんだな。"Bucchake, they're returning to the earth, huh." (DMD-03)
この罠、使わない理由は、ないわな。"There's no reason not to use this trap, right?" (DMX-09, DMPCD-01)
支配を好み、支配されることを嫌うドラゴンにとって、この争いは当然の成り行きだった。For a dragon who favors domination and detests being dominated, this conflict was a natural progression. (DMD-07)
大地の力にも、罠が潜んでいる。Even in the power of the earth, traps lurk. (DMD-13)
シールド・トリガーはデッキに8枚以上!そうすれば、シールド5枚から1枚はトリガーが出る! かも!! "8 or more shield triggers in your deck! If you do that, one out of five shields will trigger! Maybe!!" (DMX-20)
こんな罠があるなんて、驚き桃の木サプライズ! "To find such a trap is as surprising as stumbling upon a peach tree in full bloom!" -Dragon Ryu (DMX-25)
相手が攻撃してきてもS・トリガーがあれば安心。デッキに入れれば防御力アップだ! "Even if your opponent attacks, you can rest assured with the Shield Trigger. Add it to your deck to increase your defense!" (DMSD-08)
相手のクリーチャーに攻撃されても諦めるな! S・トリガーが発動すれば逆転のチャンスだ!! "Don't give up even if your opponent's creature attacks! When the Shield Trigger occurs, it's a chance for a comeback!!" (DMSD-12)
S・トリガー発動で逆転チャンス! 相手の切り札をマナに送っちゃえ! Use the Shield Trigger and get a chance to turn things around! Send your opponent's trump card to mana! (SpDeck5)
なぜこんなとこに!? ホワーイ!!! "Why are you here!? Why!!!" —Dragon Ryu (P47/Y10)
Mana Number: 1
Illustrators: Sansyu
Miho Midorikawa
Daisuke Izuka
DM-01 Base Set Dm01symbol
99/110 — Rare Rare
Shadowclash Collector Tin
44/46 — Rare Rare
DM-01 Base Set (OCG)
40/110 — Rare Rare
DM-18 Best Challenger text-align
50/140 — Rare Rare
DMC-33 Edge of Dragon Dmc32-33symbol
10/27 — Rare Rare
DMC-42 CoroCoro Dream Pack 3: Eternal Gear Dmc42symbol
37/90 — Rare Rare
DMC-45 Battle of Yamato Soul Dmc45-46symbol
32/35 — Rare Rare
DMC-47 Heroes Cross Pack - Shobu Dmc47-48symbol
19/44 — Rare Rare
DMC-49 Force of Dragon Dmc49-50-51-52symbol
23/30 — Rare Rare
DMC-59 Samurai Ambitious PS
8/12 — Rare Rare
DMC-61 CoroCoro Dream Pack 4: Eternal Heaven PS
32/94 — Rare Rare
DMD-01 Start Dash Deck: Fire & Nature E1
6/13 — Rare Rare
DMX-02 Deck Builder DX: Hunter Edition E1
17/42 — Rare Rare
DMX-09 Deck Builder Oni DX Go For It! Katta Edition
29/56 — Rare Rare
DMD-07 Transform Deck Set DX Oni Dragon
15/24 — Rare Rare
DMD-13 Super Deck MAX: Katsuking and Legendary Secret Treasure
18/22 — Rare Rare
DMX-16 The Great Royal Strategies: Fantasista 12 DS
84/84 — Rare Rare
DMX-20 Deck Ultimate Perfection!! Due-Max 160 ~Revolution & Invasion~ Rev
35/68 — Rare Rare
Duema 40 Card Special Deck
4/13 — Rare Rare
DMD-34 Deluxe DueGacha Deck: Hero of the Silver Blade Dogiragon RevF
11/13 — Rare Rare
DMX-25 Final Memorial Pack ~E1, E2, E3 edition~ RevF
35/51 — Rare Rare
CoroCoro Jokers and Nature Double Deck
4/10 — Rare Rare
DMSD-08 Super GR Start Deck: Joe's GachaMecha Wonderfoo
13/20 — Rare Rare
DMSD-12 Super GR Start Deck: Zero's Orega Moonless Sin GR
10/19 — Rare Rare
DMPCD-01 DueMa Play's CollaboDeck: The Rise of Überdragon & The Rise of Heavenly Gate
竜13/17 — Rare Rare
DMPCD-03 DueMaPlay's Collaboration Deck: The Fierce Dragon Hero and the Original Wicked Eye
激10/激17 — Rare Rare
Promotional Promotional
P48/Y10 — Rare Rare
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